The Goldbergs

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Style According to Beverly: ‘The Goldbergs’ top 10 fashion moments

The 1980’s: A decade of fashion unlike any other. With a flair for pomp and pizzazz, these were the golden years of shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans and bedazzling kits. While some try to forget the permanent haze of hairspray and Bon Jovi, “The Goldbergs” takes us right back to that wonderful time with 80’s fashion incarnate Beverly Goldberg.
The family Matriarch (played by Wendi McLendon-Covey) has style in spades and a perfectly coiffed head of hair to match and these are 10 of her very best style moments. 
1. The blouse to rule all blouses.
Beverly bends the laws of the universe to allow this many patterns to exist in one place at one time. Bravo Bev. 
2. Pretty in Pink
What’s really wonderful about this turtleneck is the way the flower embellishments fall so perfectly atop the shoulder pads. 
3. The nylon jump suit
It’s not the v-waist, the pleated pants, or even the zipper that make this a work of art. It’s the “whoosh whoosh” of her suit as she strides down the dairy aisle.
4. Match like you mean it
This is an outfit with intention and we appreciate that.  
5. Gold trimming
There’s nothing like gold decorative trim to really pull together a look.
6. Beauty guru
Fast forward 30 years and Beverly could have been a YouTube Beauty star. Just how do you get your hair so perfectly sturdy, Bev? 
7. Warm legs, warm hearts
What do you get when you pair a crisp, white pair of sneakers with the fluffiest white leg warmers? Perfection, that’s what. 
8. More colour, more power
It’s just not enough to have 10 different colours on your jacket, the turquoise wayfarers are completely necessary.
9. Denim perfection
There are not a lot of things that can top a denim jumpsuit… except bedazzled shoulders and a chunky belt, of course. This is the ultimate. 
10. Sweater surprises
This sweater may seem unassuming at first, but feast your eyes on those cropped sleeves!