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Video Tips

What Makes a Great Video?

Here are some tips to think about when making your video:

Videos should be no longer than three (3) minutes in length.  Both teammates need to be in ONE video and you can only submit ONE video per application.

The number one thing is: BE YOURSELVES!  We want to get to know you both.  Who you are as individuals and who you are as a team.  Tell us about yourself and your teammate. How will your personalities affect your experience on the race?  How will you interact with the other teams? How will you interact with each other? When describing yourself, remember to cite real-life examples. We love a good story!

We want to see a video of two teammates talking, interacting and being yourselves – we generally do not consider a picture montage to be a great application video.

This is a show about relationships, so let us know how your relationship with your teammate will help you win this race.  We’re not looking for the best skit or who is wearing the wackiest costumes and you don’t need to prove you’re the show’s biggest fan. What we’re looking for is real people and we want to see the real you in your video.  Tell us what skills and life experiences you and your teammate bring to the race and why this is important for you to do this together RIGHT NOW.

We really want to see how the two of you interact with each other. If you cannot get together to make a video, you'll have to figure out a way to edit both of you into the same video. It’s been done before so feel free to get creative.

As this is a show about teams and relationships we will NOT be accepting any solo race applications.