The Amazing Race Canada

How To Apply

Are you ready for the most AMAZING RACE of your lifetime? If so, follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Make ONE video that shows us BOTH of your personalities as a team.  Be sure to focus on your relationship positives and negatives.  Remember we want to see you interact together as a team.

For specific help on making a good video see our Video Tips.

Step 2:  Take or choose up-close photos of (a) you alone; (b) your teammate alone; and (c) you and your teammate together.  You should save these three photos to your computer so that they are ready when you fill out the Online Application.

Step 3:  Complete the Online Application (one per team).  You and your teammate will need to read and agree to the Online Agreement and Release located on this site.  You also need to make sure you are eligible to take part in the race.  For more information, click on the Eligibility Requirements.

Step 4:  Upload your video, your Individual and team photos as part of the application process.

Step 5:  The Amazing Race Canada Casting Team will contact you if you are selected to move forward in the casting process.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of applications, we will only attempt to contact those teams who are selected to move forward in the casting process.  Also we will not be able to contact or advise each applicant as to where they stand in the casting process. 

Thanks so much and good luck!

The Amazing Race Canada Casting Team