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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Casting is now open for Season Seven of The Amazing Race Canada. Are you ready to discover parts of Canada you’ve never seen before? Then we want you to audition for season SEVEN of The Amazing Race Canada!

Every summer, Canadians have thrilled in watching racers discover our great country.  Each season the racers prove to themselves and the rest of the nation that they can do it, they can conquer their fears and push themselves to the limit and beyond in the most AMAZING race this country has ever seen. 

Our winners are teams with a variety of relationships:

  • Season 1 winners Tim Sr. and Tim Jr., father and son
  • Season 2 winners Mickey and Pete, best friends
  • Season 3 winners Gino and Jesse, brothers
  • Season 4 winners Steph and Kristen, dating couple
  • Season 5 winners Sam and Paul, dating couple
  • Season 6 winners Courtney and Adam, engaged couple

Although each relationship is different, they share one amazing thing in common, and that’s that they worked together, pushed through the challenges and then crossed the finish line together to win it all. 

So now it’s up to you Canada! The Amazing Race Canada is searching from coast to coast to coast for a new cast ready to take on the challenge of the race. And this season, we are looking for teams with a story to share that’s given them a second chance or a new lease on life. Has your unique experience given you the confidence to take on this most amazing adventure? We want to hear your stories of strength, determination and perseverance that will inspire your fellow Canadians to change their lives and country for the better! It’s your empowering and resilient stories that will make you stand out from the rest. 

Your first challenge: find that all-important racing teammate.  A teammate that you know, a teammate you have a great connection with, and a teammate that you want to race with all the way to that finish line to claim the grand prize! Husband, wife, sibling, best friend, ex, coworker, grandparent, teammate, boyfriend or girlfriend…it could be anyone, so long as they represent your best chance at beating the other teams to the finish line.


Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the following prior to starting the application process:

Once you’ve had a chance to understand the Application process then it’s time to apply. Good Luck and get ready for the race of a lifetime!