The Amazing Race Canada

Returning This Fall

Korey and Ivana still feel like winners despite coming in third on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’ 

Despite running a strong final leg, Korey and Ivana both agree the best team won “The Amazing Race Canada.” 

“We’re very proud of what happened and we’re very proud of our performance. There’s nothing I could say we could’ve changed because we did our best and the better team won,” says Ivana. “Sam and Paul earned that first place.”

Korey and Ivana got off to a slow start on the leg in Quebec City when Korey struggled on the first challenge that required him to climb down a rope to get a clue above the roaring Montmorency Falls.

The best friends and personal trainers from Toronto continued to be in last place after a bike rickshaw delivery challenge but moved up to second place when Kenneth and Ryan spotted the wrong flag atop Quebec City’s tallest building and had to go back and redo the Roadblock .

“We were pretty good at seeing the flag and as much as we had some trouble with cabs and stuff, we were still pretty good at getting to our destination especially in the end there. That really put us ahead,” says Korey.

When they arrived at the final challenge – assembling a puzzle of Canada and correctly identifying where each of the Canada 150 challenges took place – they were neck and neck with Sam and Paul and Kenneth and Ryan, who made up time and sped through the puzzle.

“The time it took Give’r to complete the puzzle, they would’ve beat Sam and Paul if they got there at the same time, so it was just three strong teams,” says Korey.

But it was Sam and Paul who finished the challenge first and arrived at the mat in first place. 

“This is one leg I can look at and say I couldn’t have done anything different and Korey couldn’t have done anything different,” says Ivana. 

Even so, arriving in third place was still hard to take, especially for Korey, who said he wasn’t feeling well and was battling a fever.

“I took it kind of hard because I ended up getting pretty sick on that leg but how many other teams could turn around and say, ‘I wish that happened or I wish that went better?’” says Korey.

But one thing they wouldn’t change is the experience they had running the “Race” together because it made them even closer friends. 

“It just showed how much respect and love Korey and I have for each other. Going in you don’t know how you’re going to be able to handle these challenges and if you’re going to be able to trust someone or if Korey was going to be able to trust me but Korey, it gives me goosebumps thinking about how he supported me every single step of the way,” says Ivana. 

“I really think that going through 'The Amazing Race Canada' that is one way to prove your friendship or your relationship with each other. It takes you another level completely.” 

Korey says the feeling couldn’t be more mutual. 

“I take a lot of pride in long lasting relationships and a big part of that is organic kind of growth, going through stuff, not knowing what to expect and most importantly, overcoming a lot of that so this was clearly a massive chapter in mine and Ivana’s relationship and like she said, she was very supportive in everything,” he says. 

“I feel like as trainers it’s kind of one of the things we’re used to doing to our clients but when we’re doing it to each other I guess it’s just that much more powerful,” says Korey. 

The pair has also been overwhelmed by all the people who have reached out wanting to train with them. 

“I think we sort of proved our mental strength and our physical strength throughout that race and that’s another reason why we were always trying to give 110 per cent … we wanted to inspire and hopefully encourage someone to either become physically fit or change their lifestyle or even accomplish a small goal,” says Ivana.

“The messages we’ve received in regards to people wanting to become healthier and inspired by us have really been overwhelming and it’s a huge reward for us.” 

The pair is now focused on working with their clients, building their own brand and going with the flow. 

“The one thing ‘Race’ taught us is to take it one step and one thing at a time really,” says Ivana. 

“We won in our own way honestly and that’s kind of the best thing about it. You don’t have to get first place to be a winner in this.”