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How ‘The Amazing Race Canada’ changed Dan and Riya’s lives and why they have no regrets

When Dan wanted to apply to be on “The Amazing Race Canada,” Riya had no idea why, considering neither one of the YouTube Creators are the outdoorsy type. 

“I don’t even know why he did that because neither of us is adventurous.  Then we got it and … it ended up being one of the best experiences ever,” said Riya. 

Dan and Riya’s time on the show may have been limited but that didn’t stop them from appreciating all that Canada has to offer. 

“My favourite part was definitely being able to see parts of Canada.  It was crazy that we got to go from one coast to another so fast,” said Dan.

In their last leg, Dan and Riya had the opportunity to do challenges in Fort McMurray, Alta.  After seeing the way the people of Fort McMurray handled the 2016 wildfire devastation, Riya couldn’t help but feel inspired by the community. 

“Fort McMurray’s community is really strong and everyone is really pulling together and pulling through really well.  It’s a very uplifting energy there.  I have a lot of respect for everyone there,” said Riya. 

Dan and Riya had to channel that Fort McMurray strength while they were doing their challenges even when luck was not on their side during the Obstacle Course at Wildplay Park at Vista Ridge.

“It was so frustrating.  I wasn’t even the last one there but I was the last one to leave and that’s why it comes down to luck.  I got to one end of the obstacle course and there was nothing in that bag.   I was losing hope, that’s what was happening as the time was going by and people were passing me,” said Riya.  

It was during that moment that Dan knew their time on the show was coming to an end. 

“As soon as Andrea, who was the last person to get to the obstacle course, left the obstacle course and it was down to Korey and Riya finding their last clues I kind of knew it was the end.  I honestly just knew it.  That’s why I was just smiling and having fun the rest of the race,” said Dan.  

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Although their time on “The Amazing Race Canada” was cut short, Dan and Riya have no regrets. 

“We don’t really have any regrets.   That’s just how Daniel and I are.  We aren’t really the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve people.  We are just really grateful for what we have.  We put our all into the race and will always carry that experience with us,” said Riya.

They will also take what they have learned from their time on “The Amazing Race Canada” and create an even better YouTube channel. 

“Being YouTube Creators you kind of put yourself in a funk sometimes where you want to create a video and you don’t know how people are going to take it and you start doubting yourself.  But this race kind of opened our minds, taking us out of our comfort zone and making sure we don’t doubt ourselves when we face a challenge,” said Dan. 

“Now we’re able to create content where I can literally walk to the park in a wedding dress and people can watch but I don’t care because I want this video to be the funniest that it can be.”

Their YouTube content isn’t the only thing that has changed since the race.  After their time on the show Dan and Riya both realized they are much stronger than they ever knew.

“The amount of times we thought we can’t do this, we should take a penalty, we should just give up but we never did.  We just pushed through and then in a matter of five minutes we were fine,” said Dan. 

Dan and Riya could have never imagined that their lives would have changed so drastically for the better after being on “The Amazing Race Canada.”

Watching it is one thing and then experiencing it is something completely different.  It has exceeded our expectations like you could never imagine.  I did not expect myself to change the way I’ve changed or just have an experience like this.  We’re so grateful,” said Riya. 

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