The Amazing Race Canada

Episode 3: It's Like Ducks In the Forest

Starting in Fort McMurray, Alta., all eight teams travelled to Castlegar, B.C., and raced to Zuckerberg Island where the Roadblock had teams searching 10 seemingly identical camp sites in a Woods Campsite Challenge to determine the one item at each site that had been altered. Andrea and Ebonie, along with Adam and Andrea, teamed up to complete the challenge first, while Karen and Bert struggled to find all of the differences.

After completing the Roadblock, teams travelled to Nelson, B.C., in-search of Oso Negro Coffee Roastery. Teams tested their physical endurance and navigation skills by delivering two custom coffee orders, on-foot, to local businesses in the confusing streets and alleyways of Nelson, B.C. Karen and Bert, the last to arrive, decided to use their Express Pass to jump to the front of the pack. Once teams completed their deliveries they were given their next clue, which had them searching for “Bob” and the next Roadblock. “Bob,” short for big, orange bridge and built high above the Kootenay River River, had racers swinging from the bridge, dropping in to the icy water below, and swimming to retrieve a clue from a buoy.

Teams were then faced with a Detour choice at Selkirk Collage, School of the Arts: “strike it” or “throw it”. In “throw-it,” teams had to master the art of sculpting ceramics by creating two ceramic cups. In “strike-it,” teams learned the art of metalsmithing by shaping two metal coat hooks. Andrea and Ebonie struggled to complete their cups, while Kenneth and Ryan couldn’t take the heat of metalsmithing and opted to use their Express Pass. In a desperate attempt to make up some time, Megan and Courtney switched from “strike-it” to “throw-it,” but were unable to catch up, and arrived last at the Pit Stop at Kootenay Lake with an Express Pass in their pocket.

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Order of Finish:

Zed and Shabbir 
Korey and Ivana
Adam and Andrea
Sam and Paul
Karen and Bert
Kenneth and Ryan
Andrea and Ebonie
Megan and Courtney (Eliminated)

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