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Gabrielle Union And Jessica Alba Are All-In On Bad Boys Spinoff L.A.’s Finest

Credit: Sony

When we last saw the Sydney Burnett character, she was taking down bad guys alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys II. Now she’s heading up her own TV series in one of the fiercest female power duos ever featured on television.

Who’s in it

Gabrielle Union reprises the role of Syd, and she shares the screen with Jessica Alba, who plays her partner Nancy McKenna. The ladies also serve as executive producers alongside TV heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer, while Zack Gilford (Good Girls), Duane Martin (All of Us), Ryan McPartlin (Devious Maids), Sophie Reynolds (Youth & Consequence) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) round out the cast.

The pitch

A spin on the classic buddy-buddy cop drama, L.A.’s Finest features two kickass female detectives as they skirt the rules, catch the bad guys, and show up in each other’s lives. Of course that’s only scratching the surface, as the ladies also balance complicated personal lives and a few deep-seated secrets.

The sell

Are there any two more actual kickass women in Hollywood than Alba and Union? Both ladies took on major producer roles to make the series as true to the female experience as possible, which is timely yet still rare for a TV show. Both women have young children that were constantly hanging around the set while they worked, while onscreen the actresses pushed for fully formed characters that would actually represent more than the traditional female cops we typically see.
“They wrote us like real people,” Alba told Variety, noting that it’s unusual to also see two female leads of colour. “Usually we’re the token something — girlfriend, bad girl, side piece. And women in the action genre are usually pretty one note.”
Not in this series, baby. Welcome to 2019.

When you can watch it

L.A.’s Finest premieres this fall on CTV. Check out the trailer below.