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Saving Hope

Contact (Episode 102)

Alex has taken to sleeping in Charlie’s ICU room, and her devotion to her comatose fiancé causes interim Chief of Surgery, Dr. Dana Kinney, to challenge Alex on her ability to be a doctor while keeping a bedside vigil at the same time. Alex’s day doesn’t get any better when Charlie’s ex-wife, Dr. Dawn Bell, arrives to check in on him. It’s the last thing Alex needs to hear, but Dawn questions if Alex is truly doing everything she can to help Charlie wake from his coma. Meanwhile, Alex is tasked with diagnosing a young boy whose symptoms and behavioural changes just aren’t adding up. The boy finds himself with Charlie in the spirit realm while Alex attempts to bring him back from the brink of death.

Can Charlie diagnose the kid himself, on the spirit-side? Joel and Maggie have no trouble diagnosing their patient; but when she refuses a blood transfusion based on religious beliefs, Maggie - who is developing a crush on Joel - cannot believe they aren’t going to do anything to try and change her mind. With emotions running high and lives hanging in the balance, Alex could use a dose of hope – which she gets when she receives a sign that Charlie is still there in his body.

First aired on June 14, 2012.