Saving Hope

Meet the doctors joining the Hope Zion team in Season 4 of 'Saving Hope'

Alex will have more to worry about than balancing work and motherhood in the upcoming season of Saving Hope. Between a competitive new fellow and an eager Jr. Resident to keep her eye on, she'll be one busy super-surgeon.
Also joining the Hope Zion medical team are two more highly ambitious Jr. Residents, Dr. Dev Sekara and Dr. Asha Mirani. 
Who will rise to the top of the ranks and who will get caught up in a mess of tangled romance on the way? 
Meet Dr. Patrick Curtis (Max Bennett) 
A go-getter with an impressive resume, Dr. Patrick Curtis (Max Bennett) is general surgeon with the wherewithal and skill to match the high standards set by the former Hope Zion wunderkind Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance). A committed and passionate perfectionist with equal parts wit and charm, Patrick is legitimate competition as one of the shining stars of Hope Zion’s roster of fellows. Having risen through the ranks while Alex was on maternity leave, Patrick has challenged her position as one of the brightest rising stars in Hope Zion’s staff. Armed with an affable “Hugh Grant-like” personality, Patrick’s threat to Alex’s place in the hospital is made all the more legitimate by the fact that he is damn good at his job. Unencumbered by the added complications of raising a family while juggling a career as a doctor, Patrick has all the drive that Alex does with none of the constraints. While Alex looked after her baby on mat-leave, Patrick was picking up extra shifts, schmoozing with the staff, and developing a reputation as a talented and trustworthy surgeon. It just might be possible that this “fellow fellow” could out-manoeuver Alex to the prize at the end of the fellowship.
Meet Dr. Cassie Williams (Kim Shaw)
Fresh faced and eager to please, Dr. Cassie Williams is part of a trio of new Jr. Residents at Hope Zion Hospital in Season 4 of “Saving Hope”. With a solid head for critical thinking that isn’t tethered to a textbook, Cassie is taken under the wing of Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) early in her training. Despite the hurricane of butterflies in her stomach and a case of junior nerves, she has the brains and the goods to make it as a star Surgeon at Hope Zion. But if she wants to stay on her newly accelerated path she’ll have to watch out for the distractions littered in her way, including a tangled office romance, the emergence of an old love affair, and the hostilities from her very competitive fellow Residents.


Meet Dr. Dev Sekara (Dejan Loyola)
Although he’s clever and a quick learner, Dr. Dev Sekara has a habit of making jokes when he’s uncomfortable. Being a first year Jr. Resident, that tends to happen a lot. While juggling his rounds in the OR, Dev has earned himself a bit of a reputation as the class clown of the 2015, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting his mark on the hospital. Under the mentorship of Dr. Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross), Dev has proved a tenacious and thorough surgeon – if gullible and green at times. And that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the staff surgeons, or his very competitive class for that matter. If he can learn to keep his foot out of his mouth and his nose to the grindstone, Dr. Dev Sekara has the goods and guts to make it at Hope Zion Hospital.

Meet Dr. Asha Mirani (Parveen Kaur)
Patience has never been Dr. Asha Mirani’s strong suit. Equal parts competitive and ambitious, Dr. Mirani is wasting no time on her introductory rounds or her fellow Jr. residents, gunning instead for a surgical post and as much time in the O.R. as possible. Knowing the book by heart– and having the answer scribbled on some flash cards hidden in her scrubs to boot – with the skills to back them up is a great start, but Asha’s strong sense of independence has a cost: without a mentor at Hope Zion Hospital, Asha Mirani will need to find her edge on the competition in some other way.