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Det. Lucas faces personal challenges as his professional life soars in ‘Motive’ Season 2

Brian Lucas is no longer the rookie of the police department on Season 2 of “Motive,” but as his professional life soars, his personal life will suffer, says actor Brendan Penny.
This climb up the ranks marks a change from last season when the earnest detective spent much of his time trying to prove himself and gain respect from the other members of the Homicide team, namely Detectives Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Vega (Louis Ferreira).
“He’s really coming into his own and as opposed to trying to consistently impress them, now he’s grounded, he knows where he stands. Confidence just builds from that and then they in turn have confidence in him,” says Penny. 
He also has the faith of new boss Sgt. Cross (Warren Christie), who gives Lucas the credit he deserves right from the get-go, and is the first person to call the former rookie by his first name. 
Penny says it all serves to shift the dynamic in the department.
“Cross obviously has a past with Angie, and Vega and him kind of have a thing going on of where maybe Vega was overlooked (for the job). Lucas is just blind to (all that) and that was the choice that I made, I wanted to be impressed by him.” 
But the increased demands on the job will also bring other challenges for Lucas, including a strain on his new marriage, which has been seemingly blissful up to this point.  
“(The job has meant) longer hours, more stress . . . It’s a bit more dangerous than maybe his wife Mary had expected, which I think a lot of people can relate to in their regular lives, when work kind of takes over.” 
The addition of a new rookie on the team, Officer Wendy Sung (Valerie Tian) -- an attractive, young female officer who works closely with Lucas -- also throws a wrench into the mix.
“It is a slow burn (between Lucas and Sung) but it goes somewhere,” says Penny. “There are some really sweet little elements.” 
Ottawa-native Penny, who previously appeared in “The Assistants” and CTV’s “Whistler,” is looking forward to see what the future holds for Lucas. 
“There are certain areas you always want to see your character go and certain changes that happen . . . it has been a lot of fun,” he says.
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