'Motive' digital series delves into cold case that hits close to home for characters

In “The Dark Corner,” a digital series spun-off from its hit CTV drama “Motive,” we see a different side of Det. Brian Lucas – something that actor Brendan Penny definitely welcomed.

“It was great to have Lucas do a little bit more than he normally does on the show,” says Penny. “It just allows me to show a bit more how (he would) field this and how he would react in those certain circumstances, so it was fun.”

The eight-part digital series, which is now available in its entirety online at, has junior detective Lucas taking the lead on an investigation for the first time when he discovers that a gun used in a present-day case may be linked to an old investigation involving Sgt. Boyd Bloom (Roger Cross).

Watch 'The Dark Corner' here

Ten years ago, Boyd was injured in a shooting – an injury that sidelined him to a desk job – while his rookie partner was killed. The case was never solved and the evidence was sealed but when Lucas stumbles upon this new lead, both he and Bloom begin digging into the past for answers – if they can find a way to work together. 

“It’s a bit of a different relationship between the two of them, which is pretty cool. It shows that there’s the classic Lucas and Boyd relationship (of boss and employee) but there’s also a vulnerability for Boyd, especially because of what is going on, that when Lucas is doing a good job, he obviously feels compassion for him as a colleague and as a friend.”

“The Dark Corner,” which also features appearances by Det. Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Dr. Betty Rogers (Lauren Holly), was shot in a hectic three days, while the last couple “Motive” episodes of the season were being filmed.

Each digital episode, which is around four minutes in length, gets the viewer closer to figuring out the ‘whydunit’ – just like in “Motive.”

“If you just put it all together, it’s really like one episode of ‘Motive,’” says Penny.

And just like in “Motive,” there are moments of comic relief, courtesy of Lucas.

“I’m not looking to make it ‘haha’ funny, I’d just like to play how naïve (my character) is at certain times and how clued out he is and that kind of just becomes funny . . . On such a dark show it adds a little bit of diversity,” says Penny.

He says “Motive” fans will also enjoy “The Dark Corner” because it lets them see the story through different characters’ eyes.

“I think that anytime you can show a little bit more about the characters’ lifestyles, people are going to connect with that and will (care) more about the characters the more they get to know about them. I think this is a great opportunity for ‘Motive’ fans to do that.”

“The Dark Corner” is now available at, and on the CTV App and CTV Mobile.

“Motive” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at