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Jennifer Crawford

Kingston, N.S.
Jennifer Crawford


Age: 37
Hometown: Kingston, N.S.
Occupation: Senior Policy Analyst
Audition Dish: Shrimp and Corn Tart with Fresh Lime, Cream, and Jalapeño
Food Dream: To earn the title of “MasterChef” and open a rural culinary outpost – a “supper and sleep” – full of food experiments, farming, animals, tasting menus, warm hospitality, community, and wonder.

Growing up in small town Nova Scotia, Jennifer’s parents weren’t much for cooking, but they idealized their aunts who could create magnificent meals. With limited resources available, including no internet, Jennifer studied their mom’s one and only cookbook page by page to master each recipe. Upon moving to Toronto, Jennifer began cooking more for their friends and learned to channel their East Coast roots in making elevated versions of every day classics. After years of schooling and a career in government policy, Jennifer is ready to make the leap in pursuing their passion in the MasterChef Canada competition.

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