MasterChef Canada

Trevor Connie is the winner of MasterChef Canada Season 4

Trevor Connie came into Canada’s MasterChef kitchen as a plumber from Edmonton with a hidden culinary passion and walked away with a $100,000 victory, a title that changed his life and a new job. While being on the show was an intense experience, the real challenge begins for him now as he navigates a new career and a new kitchen at Corso 32.

“Soon after leaving the show I got a job at [Corso 32 in Edmonton] and I got slammed down on the very first day. To this day I still work the lowest station at the restaurant, constantly learning everyday though which is good, but that totally pushed my ego down a couple notches.” 

When the going gets tough, Trevor doesn’t back down. Throughout the season he displayed his creativity through his food, plating and resourcefulness when things went awry in the kitchen. The home cook turned MasterChef is on the rise and says the pressure from the kitchen whipped him into shape. 

“I’ve had to switch up my game plan half way through challenges. I broke my oven. There was a bunch of negatives and I just stood on my head and ended up putting something really creative and cool on my plate and ultimately tasted really good as well.” 

Trevor had a similar misfortune during the finale cook-off when he only had four minutes to freeze his chocolate mint gelato. Faced with the option of serving a failed attempt of his frozen dessert, and with the clock ticking down, Trevor decided to use liquid nitrogen for the first time to freeze the dessert. The judges were impressed and by the time Trevor won the title, so was he. 

“To me cooking, prior to going in, was so one-dimensional. Make it look pretty and make it taste somewhat good. It can be so much more than that. Learning how to use salt and layering flavours it really [turns] something quite ordinary into something extraordinary. The judges definitely taught me a lot about that.”