MasterChef Canada

MasterChef Canada's Melissa Skowron Discusses Her Elimination

Last night’s MasterChef Canada featured the top 12’s first elimination challenge where the home chefs were tasked with creating impressive dinners on either a $10 or $50 budget. When every meal was served and tasted, the judges ultimately decided that Calgary-native Melissa Skowron’s $10 salad just didn’t make the cut.

Melissa hasn’t let last night’s elimination get her down though.  Although she admits that she had hoped to stick around a bit longer, she’s taken the elimination with the grace of a winner.

“Being on the show was a dream come true- I [applied] on a whim a year ago, so it was a complete and total shock when I was contacted.” Skowron said. “[Being eliminated] doesn’t take away from the fact I was chosen as one of the top 12 in the country, and that’s a huge accomplishment for me.”

Melissa went on to discuss how she’s never let life’s difficult moments define who she is—having faced the tragic loss of her brother and the unexpected passing of a close friend, Skowron faces every hardship with perseverance. Looking back at her time on the show, she explained that the possibility of winning MasterChef Canada was not even what inspired her to apply.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and I’ve always tried to deal with it in productive new ways, like cooking. You’ve got to let those things not change you for the worse- you’ve got to push through.”

Though Melissa’s time on MasterChef Canada was short-lived, she ultimately found every moment to be more than worth it. She reported that she is now planning a future revolving around professional cooking, and even plans on writing a blog with the working title ‘Wine on the Side’. Skowron plans on retaining not only the memories she made on the cooking show, but the relationships that were built both on and off screen.

“I’m planning to do some projects with the other home cooks from the show. Meeting [the other contestants] was like an instant connection that I want to nurture and see where it takes us. We talk to each other every day and are always cheering each other on- I definitely want to maintain that.”

You can follow Melissa Skowron on Instagram to see where life takes her from here. Catch the next episode of MasterChef Canada next Tuesday, April 17th at 9 PM ET on CTV.