5 Things You Need To Know About Love Island Host Arielle Vandenberg

The bags are packed, the contestants have been announced, and now all that’s left to do is hit up the beach when the inaugural season of Love Island heats up North American airwaves on July 9.
Each episode promises lots of steamy love connections, backstabbing, and curveballs galore, which means we need a talented host to help guide us through each of those twists and turns as they go down. Enter one Arielle Vandenberg, the actress and comedian tasked with doing exactly that. Here’s everything you need to know about the 32-year-old ahead of the show’s hour-and-a-half premiere.

1. She’s a notable content creator

Remember back when Vine was a thing and we weren’t sure what to call “content creators?” That’s when Vandenberg first made a name for herself, creating hundreds of videos alongside her boyfriend Matt Cutshall. Since the service shut down in 2017 she’s transitioned to Instagram vids, but she hasn’t stopped there.
Vandenberg has also hosted a weekly Snapchat interview series that featured celebs like Julianne Hough, Sophia Bush and Nina Dobrev, she’s hosted Car Show for the mobile app Go90, and she keeps thousands of viewers thoroughly entertained on her YouTube Channel. Want to get a better idea of her personality? Just watch her and her nut-sack making almoundddd milk, below.


2. She’s got lots of TV credits to her name

 Vandenberg isn’t just a seasoned content creator, she’s also had some pretty hardcore guest star experience on a slew of TV shows, from How I Met Your Mother and Bones, to Greek and Meet the Browns. Basically she knows how to work a camera from all angles, which is definitely something that’s going to come in handy on a babe-mongering show like Love Island.  


An actual image of me getting hit by a car.

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3. She’s a dog mom

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for animal lovers? Vandenberg definitely falls into that category if her ongoing affections for her dog are any indication. Not only is her pup, Stinky, featured in many of her videos, but he’s also had his own endorsement offers. Of course, she never lets any of that get to his head.

Puppy love. 🐶 ❤️ (w/ @mattcutshall ) TAG A DOG LOVER!

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4. She knows what a stable relationship is

Most people—especially celebs—have a bit of a past when it comes to romantic couplings. Vandenberg has certainly been linked to her fair share of men (including Adam Levine and Will Arnett), but she’s been with Matt Cutshall for a couple of years now and their relationship is the stuff that we all dream of. Just look at how cute they are on Instagram together—this is  #RelationshipGoals at their finest.

5. She’s going to bring her own unique brand of comedy to this thing

Love Island may be an international reality phenom, but this North American version definitely needs to set itself apart and become its own thing. We have every bit of faith that Vandenberg will be a huge contributing factor to that. Who else could make us feel like we’re dishing about this show with a friend instead of just being guided along by another, more robotic personality? As Vandenberg has proven with her former gigs and with her hilarious videos, she really will be the host with the most. And we can’t wait.

I did squats while I was in Cabo… For this photo.🌴💋

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