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Sarah Drew wants smooth sailing for April (and a reunion with Jackson) for Season 13 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

After a traumatic experience losing her baby, getting a divorce, navigating her relationship with Jackson and an even more traumatic emergency labour, April is overdue for some happiness in Season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Actress Sarah Drew couldn’t agree more. 

“Oh yeah. This whole season I kept asking the writers, ‘Can April smile? Can I please have a scene where maybe I laugh just a little? I need a break from the trauma,’” says Drew.

“I don’t know what they have planned but I’m hoping there will be some smooth sailing at least for the first several episodes, although she’s now a new mama and recovering from a gruesome emergency surgery.”

In the epic Season 12 finale, Ben was forced to perform this ‘gruesome’ surgery on April when she unexpectedly went into labour while stopping at Meredith’s house to get rings for Owen and Amelia’s wedding. 

With a big storm raging outside and no way to get to the hospital in time, Ben (who was on suspension at the time) decided to deliver the baby. But things went from bad to worse when he realized the baby was breech with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck, meaning he’d have to perform a C-section instead.

Without the use of any anesthetic, Ben cut April open on the kitchen table, with Jackson, Miranda and Arizona listening to her blood curdling scream over the phone from the hospital.

As hard as it was to watch April endure this excruciating pain, Drew says it was just as difficult to film. 

“It was really intense. I think there were two days of kind of working myself up into fight or flight, total panic attack mode. It was very challenging actually to come down off that,” Drew explains.

“For the next few days I found myself just panicking spontaneously and really needing to find a way to let it all go. It was really terrifying to go to that place, which is a combination of anticipating excruciating pain along with the possibility of losing a child, after I’ve already lost a child, along with the possibility of meeting my maker,” says Drew. 

Drew credits actor Jason George (Ben), as well as Jesse Williams (Jackson), Chandra Wilson (Bailey) and director Debbie Allen (who plays Catherine Avery) for helping her make it through.

“There was so much support present so I felt very kind of cared for and Debbie Allen was amazing in sort of walking me through all of it one step at a time. It was really intense. I’ve never had to do something like that ever in my acting career.”

Drew says it was an interesting experience watching the scene back.

“It came out so beautifully but there’s no way to fully encapsulate what my experience was … I remember watching and being like, ‘This was so much more epic in my body than it could ever be on camera’ but it’s part of what we do and it’s part of why I love what I do weirdly.” 

As soon as Ben made the cut with the scalpel the phone went dead, leaving the gang at the hospital – and the viewers – in total suspense as to what went down. 

The next thing we see is the ambulance pulling up to the hospital with April being rushed inside as Ben stands alone outside with the baby safely in his arms. 

It’s later revealed April also pulled through and she’s shown lying in a hospital bed with the baby and Jackson at her side. 

Drew isn’t sure if this means a happy reunion is in the future for these two but she certainly hopes that’s the case.  

“Who knows if we’ll wind up together or we’ll just peacefully co-parent I don’t know. I want them to get back together. I feel like she just needs to have some love right now (with) somebody who knows her well and who can love her well.”

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