Public Service Announcements

As part of our commitment to the various communities our group of stations serve, CTV makes available to qualifying organizations a limited amount of free airtime for Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

Public organizations, departments or agencies representing federal, provincial or local governments are eligible to submit PSAs. Non-profit organizations, service clubs and publicly supported arts organizations with a permanent office in Canada are also eligible to submit PSAs, provided they are registered with Canada Customs and Revenue as a charitable organization and can assure contributors that they will receive a tax receipt for financial donations made. Because of their partisan nature, political organizations are precluded from submitting PSAs.

All submitted PSAs must have an approved Telecaster number from the Television Bureau of Canada, prior to submission. The broadcast of PSAs is entirely at the discretion of CTV and is subject to airtime availability.

For more information on Public Service Announcements, contact:

Bianca Reino
Public Affairs Representative, Bell Media

For announcements regarding community-based initiatives and events, please contact your local CTV station.

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