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The Enemy Within is the fast-paced procedural you've been waiting for

In 2013, Jennifer Carpenter wrapped Dexter—her career-making serial killer series—after several seasons as the love interest of an avenging angel being hunted by law enforcement. When she returned to TV with Limitless, she was on the other side of the law, playing an FBI agent who taps into a young man’s drug-induced cognitive superpowers. In The Enemy Within, she perfectly straddles both worlds (criminality and law enforcement) as Erica Shepherd, a prison inmate—who also happens to be a shamed former CIA operative.

“I’m the most hated woman in America and I’ve betrayed my country,” she explains, referencing her character’s rep as the most notorious traitor in American history. “Morris [Chestnut] is playing Keaton, who is an FBI agent, who needs my skill and my knowledge to solve a really important case—or to at least get leads on a really important case. So it’s about this contrast of us having to work together.”

Tapping into the talents of writer Ken Woodruff (The Mentalist, Gotham) and director Mark Pellington (Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies)—who both serve as executive producers, along with Vernon Sanders—The Enemy Within promises to deliver complex characters engaged in an urgent, high stakes scenario. “It’s a bullet in a lot of ways,” says Carpenter. “It moves with an incredible pace. You’re following the emotional life of the characters as much as the procedural part of it, which I think is what makes a difference, sets it apart from other shows.”

The official synopsis confirms Shepherd’s notoriety and brilliance, but it also adds several other pertinent details: “Against every fiber of his being, but with nowhere else to turn, FBI Agent Will Keaton enlists Shepherd to help track down a fiercely dangerous and elusive criminal she knows all too well. For Keaton, it’s not easy to trust the woman who cost him so much. While Shepherd and Keaton have different motivations for bringing the enemy to justice, they both know that to catch a spy... they must think like one.”

The Enemy Within premieres midseason on CTV.