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Episode 101 - "Cardinal"

When a frozen body is identified as missing 13-year-old Katie Pine, Detective John Cardinal is brought back onto her case. Cardinal never bought into the assumption that Katie ran away, and was demoted for his relentless insistence they keep searching for her.
At first reluctant to jump back on the case that gave him so much trouble, and work with his newly assigned partner, transfer Detective Lise Delorme, Cardinal’s belief that there might be a connection between Katie’s murder and the death of another child in town that was ruled an accidental drowning, soon draws him back in.
Though his boss believes he’s veering off course, Cardinal is persistent and tracks both cases, turning up the name of yet another missing teenager – Todd Curry. He follows Todd’s path through Algonquin Bay and uncovers the missing boy’s gruesomely murdered body.
Meanwhile, Delorme has a secret agenda of her own – an investigation into Cardinal himself.