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Allison Abernethy
Occupation: Business Student
Currently Resides: Annapolis Valley, N.S.
Signature Dish: Nova Scotia “Hodge Podge” with butter poached atlantic lobster
Allison is a small town girl with a big dream. Currently studying business at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., Allison plans to go to culinary school after getting her degree, and has the ambitious goal of opening 5-star restaurants around the world.

Andrew Lawton
Occupation: Political Commentator and Radio Personality
Currently Resides: London
Signature Dish: Wild Mushroom Latte with Garlic Biscotti
Always wearing a cowboy hat, Andrew’s passion for cooking began when he was 14 after eating at a fine dining restaurant with his aunt. Since then, Andrew has loved to experiment with flavours and combinations in the kitchen. He is all about the complex layering of food. Andrew has been through a lot of health related-struggles, suffering a stroke at 19 and overcoming two cancerous tumours. None of this has stopped him from continuing to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Ashley Alexander
Science Student  
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Korean Style Tofu served with Spicy Coconut Battered Cauliflower and Grilled Baby Bok Choy
Less than a year ago, Ashley became a vegan and lost 100 pounds. She is currently studying Science in school, but has a strong feeling that it is not what she is meant to be doing. Ashley believes that even though she doesn’t taste everything, she can cook any chef under the table. Her food dream is to one day open a half-vegan, half-steak restaurant.

Ben Miner
Occupation: Stand-up Comedian
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Cereal
Growing up with his grandma, Ben names her as his main cooking inspiration. He began to experiment in the kitchen as a pre-teen after realizing his mom’s lack of culinary talent, and from then on, grew a great passion for cooking. A true momma’s boy, Ben would one day love to buy his mother a retirement condo.

Billie-Jo Picco
Licensed Practical Nurse
Currently Resides: Mount Pearl, N.L.
Signature Dish: Crème Caramel Cheesecake
Often the life of the party, Billie-Jo refers to herself as a prankster. Raised by her grandparents, Billie-Jo recently lost her brother who was her counterpart in the kitchen. He gave her the nickname Julia, as in Julia Child, and she is proud of it. Billie-Jo would like to one day open her own bakery.

Bram Llewellyn           
Occupation: Banker
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Beef and Prune Tagine with Couscous salad and almonds
Bram is a travel addict and former vegetarian, who converted back to being a carnivore only a few years ago. Highly knowledgeable in many culinary techniques and the creator of a popular food blog, Bram would love to one day have his own cooking show.
Brooke Feldman
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Pan Seared Salmon with Potato Dill Latkas, horseradish, pickled fennel salad
Feisty and fashionable, Brooke has an infectious energy that is reflected in her food. After being in a terrible car accident in 2005 which left her unable to properly communicate or walk for months, Brooke is now determined to make every minute count, and that includes one day having her own cooking show.
Carly Tennant
Occupation: Retail Clothing Store Owner
Currently Resides: Vancouver, B.C.
Signature Dish: Turkey Meatballs with Parsnip Puree and Crispy Kale
Imaginative, passionate, and creative, Carly credits her mother for always believing in her and allowing her to dream big. Coming from a difficult childhood, Carly is proud of what she has achieved, and hopes to one day follow her dream of going to culinary school.

Carmela Campolargo
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom  
Currently Resides: King City, Ont.
Signature Dish: Pork Tenderloin with apples and shallot white wine sauce
Growing up in an Italian family, Carmela watched her mother in the kitchen and dreamed of going to cooking school. Sadly, Carmela was diagnosed with MS while in university and now uses a wheelchair, putting a hold on her food dream. She has fought through her illness the whole way, and despite being told she could not have children, Carmela is a mother of three, and it was her son who inspired her to audition for MASTERCHEF CANADA. Now she wants to show her children that anything is possible.

Chris Ward
Custom Home Builder
Currently Resides: Breslau, Ont.
Signature Dish: Empanadas con carne
After suffering injuries from a jet ski accident six years ago, Chris lost his ability to taste from nerve damage. Although he can still taste very spicy or salty food, today, Chris cooks solely based on smell and memory. His food dream is to open a food truck that serves fresh, organic food.

Christina Menchenton
Occupation: Retail Management
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Rabbit Pelmeni (Russian pasta) with sauteed red cabbage in brownbutter sauce
Referring to herself as a loud-mouthed extrovert, Christina wants nothing more than to follow her dreams of being a chef. Having a father who is an avid hunter and a grandmother who is a butcher, Christina believes her culinary strength is in meat, and she is determined to show her family and friends that she can be the first MASTERCHEF CANADA.

Dale Kuda
Occupation: Housekeeper and Business Owner
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Butter Seared Pickerel with fennel citrus salad and orange reduction
Dale grew up on a rural farm in the U.S., milking cows and picking fresh vegetables from his parent’s garden. Always trying to master new cooking techniques, Dale credits his grandmother for teaching him to make American pastries and breads. He may have been born a country boy, but he is now a full-fledged city slicker, and would love to open his own catering business one day.
Danielle Cardozo
Occupation: Employment Development Officer
Currently Resides:
Cranbrook, B.C.
Signature Dish: Miso Glazed Trout with Ponzu Mushrooms in Citrus Miso broth
Being parts Cree, Jamaican, and Portuguese, Danielle’s past is as multifaceted as her heritage. A single mother of three with a successful career, Danielle is a living example that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. She would love to one day open a bakery or a “hot stone” Aboriginal restaurant with her sister.

Danny Raposo
Occupation: Construction Worker
Currently Resides: Brampton, Ont.
Signature Dish: Chorizo on Rice with Beer Mustard Sauce
Danny is a family man, working as a construction worker to support his wife and two children while volunteering as a hockey coach on the side. Already in the middle of writing his own cookbook featuring recipes true to his Portuguese heritage, Danny dreams of finishing the book and having his own cooking show.

Dina Van Koeverden
Occupation: Opera Singer
Currently Resides: Ottawa
Signature Dish: Middle Eastern Lamb/Beef Kabobs on bed of saffron rice
Dina is from a Middle Eastern family and grew up cooking very authentic Arabic and Lebanese foods. She struggled with an eating disorder for 15 years, during which she never tasted any of her creations. Now healthy, Dina would love to have her own cooking show called HOW TO MAKE AMAZING MEALS ON A MOM BUDGET.

Dora Cote
Occupation: Plumber
Currently Resides: Rocky Mountain House, Alta.
Signature Dish: Deconstructed Blueberry Pudding Cake with Caramel sauce
Dora is an old school cook who loves to work with lard, butter, and all of the traditional good stuff. She is a tough woman, working in a career surrounded by men, but if anyone can handle it, she can. Dora loves cooking for her friends and family, and hopes to one day own a modest eatery where she can make people happy all day long.

Eric Chong
Occupation: Chemical Engineer
Currently Resides:
Oakville, Ont.
Signature Dish: Pan seared Duck breast with rice, red thai curry sauce, homemade spring rolls and plum sauce
Eric is motivated to be the best chef he can be, especially since his parents disapprove of his cooking dream. Having an Asian background, Eric has extensive knowledge of Asian cooking, taught to him by his grandfather. Eric doesn’t just want to be a chef, he wants to be famous for it, and he believes that he has the ability and knowledge to make this happen.

Evan Ouaknine
Transportation Sales & Development
Currently Resides: Montreal
Signature Dish: A Passion for Fruit (mousse)
Evan’s big personality Is matched only by his infectious desire to be a part of MASTERCHEF CANADA . He feels that he was born for this very moment. Evan’s food dream would be to one day own and run his own bistro and be a food TV personality.

Fabian Suckoo
Currently Resides: Calgary
Signature Dish: Ackee and Saltfish served over boiled dumplings and plantain
Born in Jamaica, Fabian has been cooking Caribbean food his entire life with his grandmother and mother. Having immigrated to Canada four years ago, Fabian worked very hard for two straight years to bring his four siblings and mother to this country. He eventually succeeded and is very proud. His food dream is to one day own a Caribbean restaurant so that he can cook all of the food he grew up with and share it with the people from his new home country.

Geoff Johnson
Division Manager
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Soya ginger flank steak on cauliflower puree with fall hash, micro greens and blueberry balsamic ginger relish
Geoff has spent his life learning about food. As a child, he shadowed his parents in the kitchen, and as he got older became fascinated by the creative and physical power of food. A travel and adrenaline junkie, Geoff has learned a lot about exotic cuisines and rare ingredients.

Jason Mayo
Occupation: High School Teacher
Currently Resides: Jarvis, Ont.
Signature Dish: Vietnamese Soup with Pork Medallions
Growing up on a pig farm, Jason learned to bake, butcher, and pickle from his mom and dad at a young age. Tragically, Jason recently lost both of his parents, calling himself “orphaned at 32.” Since he learned everything about cooking from them, he wants to compete in MASTERCHEF CANADA to honour them. 

John Chung Yin Leung
Occupation: Radio Operator
Currently Resides: Calgary
Signature Dish: Korean Style Steak with 60 minute kimchi, sesame beansprouts and rice
John comes from a Chinese family of foodies, so he has a lot of knowledge about Asian cooking techniques. His father worked in a Hong Kong restaurant while John was growing up, so food has always been a big part of his life. He has a true passion for cooking and a dream of one day owning a food truck that serves dim sum and elevated Cantonese cuisine.

Jordan Casey
Occupation: Financial Service Representative
Currently Resides: Amherstview, Ont.
Signature Dish: Tailgating - Spiced Up Sauced Up Chicken Wings, Chili Pork Taco with mango chutney, Philly Cheesesteak on buttermilk biscuit
Jordan was a jock in high school and flunked out of university because he partied too much. His life could have taken many turns, but after meeting his wife, he decided to do anything and everything to make the best life for his family. Jordan’s passion for food developed before his eyes as watching hours of food television programs. He has a knack for gourmet tailgate food and one day wants to open a New Orleans-style restaurant.

Jose Mosselli
Occupation: Flooring Sales 
Currently Resides: Hamilton, Ont.
Signature Dish: Causa (potato dish with tinned tuna)
Jose has been around food all his life. His father is restaurant owner in Peru and his mother cooked daily for five hungry men. Very proud of his Peruvian roots and full of passion, Jose would like to eventually open a South American Restaurant.

Josh Gale
Occupation: IT Sales 
Currently Resides: Vancouver
Signature Dish: Seared Scallops on a grilled corn and avocado relish
While recovering from a snowboarding injury, Josh realized that his passion lies in cooking, despite having a successful career in IT. He is new to cooking and has come a long way in the last few years. Josh’s goal is to receive the first Michelin star in Canada.

JP Lessard
Wine Representative
Currently Resides: Irricana, Alta.
Signature Dish: Quails 2 Ways with Barley Pilaf and Tomato-Green Bean Salad
Growing up in his father’s restaurant, JP was introduced to cooking at a very early age. He spent hours at home practicing his technique, and although he loves his life, he would give it up in a second to be Canada’s first-ever MasterChef. His dream is to one day open a high-end diner-style restaurant.

Julie Miguel
Occupation: Bankruptcy Analyst
Currently Resides: Woodbridge, Ont.
Signature Dish: Italian Doughnuts (Zeppole) with Espresso and Lemon Crème Anglaise
Cooking holds a special place in Julie’s heart. Her mother passed away when she was 15 and Julie took over as the main caregiver for the family. Julie’s dream is to start a program where she can teach low-income families to cook healthy food on a budget.

Kaila Klassen       
Occupation: Realtor 
Currently Resides: West Kelowna, B.C.
Signature Dish: Seared Ahi Tuna with cannellini bean and pancetta fricasee
Growing up with little money, Kaila was fed a diet of bland meat and potatoes. At the age of 17, her father took her to a fine dining restaurant and it awoke her senses. Today, Kaila has a taste for the finer things, which she satisfies by recreating her favourite restaurant meals at home. A true carnivore, Kaila’s food dream is to open a gourmet burger restaurant.

Kelly Rothschild
Tattoo Artist
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Cajun Scallops with avocado corn relish
Don’t be fooled by her tough exterior, Kelly is a softy on the inside. Outside of food, she has a big passion for animals. Kelly owns five sphinx cats, two hairless rats, a tarantula, and a gecko. Her dream is to one day own a tattoo shop mixed with a bed and breakfast.

Marida Mohammed
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom  
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Fried Bake with Fish (Snapper)
Marida auditioned for MASTERCHEF CANADA with her twin sister Narida, and admits that she is the more competitive one. Marida refers to her family as the “Trinidadian Kardashians,” having five sisters and one brother. Her dream is to one day open a restaurant or have her own cooking show with her twin sister. 

Maryam Chashnidel
Occupation: Immigration Consultant
Currently Resides: Vaughan, Ont.
Signature Dish: Baklava and Shirin Polo
Maryam immigrated to Canada from Iran nine years ago with no support. Upon arrival, she started her own Immigration Consulting Business and never looked back. Marked by bold flavours of Persian food, creativity is her strength in the kitchen, along with hours of practice and an insatiable passion to succeed.

Meghan Toth
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom
Currently Resides: St. Catharines, Ont.
Signature Dish: Lamb with Gremolata and Parsnip Puree
Meghan was a cheerleader in school, who married the quarterback of the football team. Her husband pushed her to apply for MASTERCHEF CANADA and she is determined to prove he was right to do so. Growing up, Meghan’s Parisian grandmother taught her everything she knows about cooking and she still uses those classic French techniques when cooking for her own young family.

Mike Green
Occupation: Freelance Food Journalist
Currently Resides: Winnipeg
Signature Dish: Pan seared Arctic Char with Ratatouille-infused quinoa and basil/arugula oil sauce
Mike has travelled the world, which has refined his palette and made him the cook he is today. A self-proclaimed “over-educated, intelligent guy”, he’s always looking for the next big challenge. Food is the only thing that makes him tick, which is why his ultimate goal is to own a restaurant. A recent newlywed, Mike lives his life to learn.

Mike Hamilton
Currently Resides: Mississauga, Ont.
Signature Dish: Pork Chops with Madeira Cherry Sauce, creamy mash potatoes and pan fried Brussels
Mike has dedicated his life to his career and family. Coming up on retirement, Mike knows that he wants the next phase of his life to involve cooking. He is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, but wants to start experimenting more, and would love to eventually have some formal training.

Mylene Facchini
Hair Stylist and Zumba Instructor
Currently Resides: Whitby, Ont.
Signature Dish: Ginger Chicken Chayote soup with rice and ginger sesame chicken
Originally from the Philippines, Mylene’s family came to Canada when she was 10, with her nine brothers and sisters. Her mother taught her how to cook everything from pig ear and nose to traditional Filipino rice dishes. Her food dream is to one day own a small café.

Narida Mohammed
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Tomato Choka, Baigan (Eggplant), Choka Roti and fresh avocado
Narida auditioned for MASTERCHEF CANADA with her identical twin sister Marida. Like her sister, she loves to cook home style West Indies cuisine, representing the big, bold flavours of the islands. Originally from Trinidad, Narida learned to cook from her parents. Her dream is to one day open a restaurant or have her own cooking show with her twin sister. 

Natalie Mascia
Dental Office Administrator 
Currently Resides: Niagara Falls, Ont.
Signature Dish: Pan seared squid with Basil Pesto, topped with arugula and mixed greens
Natalie is a modern Italian mama. Her nonna was her teacher and mentor, and when she passed away four years ago, Natalie promised to keep the spirit of her cooking alive. An intuitive cook, Natalie makes everything from scratch.

Natalya Demberg
Banking Strategist
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Chicken Liver Pate Ravioli with plum and golden berry brown butter and toasted hazelnuts on a port-porcini reduction
Natalya is the hostess with the most-est. She is a big risk taker and that can be seen in her food and her future goals. She and her husband would like to one day open a Bed and Breakfast. 

Patrick Stansfield
Currently Resides: Vancouver
Signature Dish: Oven Roasted Steelhead Trout with purple cauliflower puree
Growing up, Patrick ate incredible food daily and he now he cooks because he loves to eat. After years as a successful salesman, Patrick’s life changed in 2008 when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Now back on his feet, Patrick is the owner of a company promoting positive recovery. Turning more and more to cooking for pleasure, Patrick is shocked at how little single men cook and wants to inspire young men to “get off their butts and into the kitchen.”

Peter “Bubba” Smith
Occupation: Sales Manager
Currently Resides: Calgary
Signature Dish: Chili Pepper Chocolate Steak with grilled asparagus and roasted fingerling potatoes
Learning everything he knows about food and cooking from his mother and his grandmother, Peter is determined to succeed in her honour. She sadly passed away last year and he owes everything he has learned to her. Peter cooks home-style but is intrigued by international cuisines. His food dream is to open his own diner or food truck.

Pino Di Cerbo
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Dad
Currently Resides: Mississauga, Ont.
Signature Dish: Crepes filled with ground beef, zucchini and ricotta
Pino is an Italian firecracker, who is ready to re-enter the workforce after taking four years off to raise his two boys while his wife worked. Previously working in sales, Pino is ready for a career change, and is hoping to move into the culinary world. When he’s not cooking, it’s daily yoga, woodworking, and gardening that keeps this stay-at-home dad on his toes.

Ryan Wright
Currently Resides: Winnipeg
Signature Dish: Camel
Ryan is a hunter and country boy who loves to cook what he kills. With an intense love of cooking, Ryan’s dishes are local and straight from the heart. His food is as unique as he is. Raised in an unconventional household, Ryan didn’t have access to toy trains and trucks; instead he played with nature. After years of boy scouts, Ryan found the survivalist in him and a diehard hunter was born.

Rob Slivchak
Web Developer
Currently Resides: Toronto
Signature Dish: Curried Halibut with Fig and Toasted Pinenut, Jasmine Rice
Working in the business world for years, Rob always felt there was a creative man inside him, bursting to get out. Finally quitting his corporate job, Rob combined his love of food and creativity, and wrote an online children’s book that teaches children about proper nutrition. His cooking skills lie in his ability to transform basic ingredients into delicious and nutritious dishes.

Sarah Nguyen
Stay-at-Home Mom
Currently Resides: Oakville, Ont.
Signature Dish: Red Snapper with Tamarind Sauce on coconut rice with sauteed vegetables
Sarah is a creative mother of two who is extremely inventive in the kitchen. She grew up in Vietnam, escaping the war with her family to a refugee camp in Hong Kong where she lived for five years. Sarah’s greatest ambition is to expose the younger generation to the importance of cooking and would like to one day teach kids how to make healthy, easy meals.

Shane Ereaut
Occupation: Canadian Armed Forces
Currently Resides: Kanata, Ont.
Signature Dish: Mushroom & Goat Cheese Omelet
Although Shane currently lives in Ontario, he was born in Newfoundland and has been hunting and fishing his whole life. He learned to cook as a child and has a strong desire to take it up a notch. Shane is in the Canadian Armed Forces and served in Afghanistan. His biggest culinary challenge to-date has been cooking for up to 400 soldiers at one time.

Soujanya Arlikatti
HR Professional
Currently Resides: Thornhill, Ont.
Signature Dish: Thai Sizzler (corn cakes/thai curry/Caramelized veg)
A vegetarian from birth, Soujanya grew up in India, cooking gorgeous traditional dishes. She feels that cooking is her identity and has learned to express herself through food. Outside of cooking for her family, Soujanya wants to prove that she can be more than just a mother and a professional, she can be a chef.

Sparkle Davis
Occupation: Social Worker
Currently Resides: Ottawa
Signature Dish: Puff Pastry Fruit Infused Dessert with Vanilla Buttermilk Frosting
Growing up in a single parent family with her father in Trinidad and Tobago, Sparkle began cooking the family dinner as a child. She is very confident in her cooking and would like to one day own a Caribbean-style restaurant and write a cookbook.

Tammara Behl
Occupation: Special Needs Teacher
Currently Resides: Calgary
Signature Dish: Vegetable Samosa with tamarind chutney and sweet and spicy green mango chutney
Tammara loves to play with ethnic ingredients and travels a lot in the hopes of expanding her palette. As a teenager, Tammara’s life took a hard turn when her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and her father passed away. Tammara was forced to become fiercely independent, which turned her into a skilled cook.

Trevor Jessome
Royal Canadian Air Force
Currently Resides: Lahave, N.S.
Signature Dish: Pan grilled boneless leg of lamb in herb crust with ribbons, yellow zucchini, red onion and cherry tomato and kale pesto gnocchi
Trevor is a self-taught chef who feels his food is elegant and artistic. Born in Nova Scotia and enlisted in the military at a very young age, Trevor has been overseas numerous times. At home, he and his wife host dinner parties as often as they can – and almost everyone leaves wondering when Trevor will open a restaurant.

Vicky Rodden
Library Assistant
Currently Resides: Haliburton, O.N.
Signature Dish: Shrimp Victoria
Vicky is a very passionate person who has spent a long time putting her dreams aside for her family. She feels it is her time to start putting her dreams in motion and being on MASTERCHEF CANADA is one of them. She hopes to one day be the sexy, romantic version of Gordon Ramsay in Canada.

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