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MasterChef Canada: A Holiday Special

Dora, Pino, Tammara and Marida are back with their families in a new holiday competition.

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You Be The Judge

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Learn to cook like a MasterChef

Eric's Pan Fried Fun Guo Dumplings

Canada's first MasterChef discusses his win with Marilyn Denis

Eric discusses his wild experience on the show and shares his delicious dumpling recipe.

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Chef Michael Bonacini's Pad Thai Cold Noodle Salad

Chef Michael Bonacini visits 'Marilyn'

Chef Bonacini shares a refreshing, no-cook summer recipe with Marilyn Denis.

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Meet the Top 50 home cooks

Meet The Judges!

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Season 2 premieres Sunday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.




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