Elton John reveals never-before released news on the Marilyn Denis Show

Elton John reveals never-before released news on the Marilyn Denis Show
by: CTV

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Not only did Sir Elton John reveal that he will indeed be attending the Royal Wedding this coming April when he sat down to chat with Marilyn Denis this morning, he also admits the rose-coloured glasses he was wearing today were purely for style as he had his eyes fixed years ago.

“It makes a world of difference,” he says about getting the lenses in his eyes replaced. “You connect much closer with your fans…I can see the signs people have in the balcony!”

He calls his newest film, “Gnomeo and Juliet,” which enacts the Shakespearian drama with garden gnomes, “an enchanting movie,” though he revealed he’s not happy with his relationship to Disney. “They didn’t believe in the movie,” he said.

He also revealed the movie is truly a Canadian movie, as it was created through the Canadian animation company, Starz Animation.

In chatting with Marilyn, John also disclosed that Lady Gaga is a strong candidate for being the godmother to his new son, Zachary Jackson Levon, (and that he might be attending Gaga’s Toronto show this week).

Also, in addition to his British and American passports, Zach will be getting a Canadian passport.

“He’s a good little traveller, so far,” John said about his son.

John also told Marilyn that the boy he and his long-term partner tried to adopt from the Ukraine was out of the orphanage and now living with his grandmother.

“He has a special place in my heart,” John said of the Ukrainian boy.

And before leaving the Marilyn Denis studio, John admitted that he has no idea what the song “Grey Seal” is about!

“I’ve never known what it has meant,” he laughs.



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