Cowell: Rejections, meltdowns make live ‘X Factor’ interesting

Cowell: Rejections, meltdowns make live ‘X Factor’ interesting
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by: Sheri Block

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When Rachel Crow was eliminated from the first season of “The X Factor” last December, the 13-year old cried hysterically and fell to her knees on live television. When 14-year-old hip-hop artist Astro received amongst the lowest number of votes and had to sing for his life, he responded with a lackluster performance  and saved some attitude for the judges – something L.A. Reid called “disrespectful.”

But even with the contestants’ shocking (and some might say cringe-worthy) outbursts, series creator and judge Simon Cowell says he will not prepare this year’s batch of hopefuls on how to better handle the rejection that many of them will inevitably face.

“No matter how much you say to someone, ‘Not everyone can win,’ it’s heartbreaking to them when they lose,” Cowell told in a recent conference call.

“Rachel reacted that way because she genuinely in her heart believed that she’d already won the competition.  So, she was just in total shock … and Astro was just being a brat, to be honest with you.”

On Wednesday night’s show, the Top 16 took the stage for the first time and Thursday four of them will go home, which could mean more tears, drama and inappropriate behaviour, all part of what makes the show so entertaining, according to Cowell.

“I try not to say too much, which is why (we) make our shows live because I think you have to show meltdowns and everything (else) from these shows.  If we prerecorded it and edited it out I think it would be quite boring.”

On Thursday's elimination episode, eight acts will be declared safe, while the remaining eight will have to sing for survival. Of those, four of them will be sent home by the judges.

The Top 16 contestants include: Groups – Emblem3, LYLAS, Lyric 145 and Sister C; Over 25s – David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens and Vino Alan; Teens – Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Sonenclar and  Diamond White; and Adults – CeCe Frey, Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas and Willie Jones.

Find out who will live to sing another day Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CTV two.

Full episodes of “The X Factor” are also available online at 


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