Who ended up with the best team on 'The Voice'?

Who ended up with the best team on 'The Voice'?
by: Tyrone Warner

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It’s pretty obvious actually…

When the smoke cleared after the fourth battle round and the final set of pairs sang-off against one another in the ring-stage, only one coach has any chance at producing a winner on “The Voice.”

Before we go to team evaluations, let me give it to you straight: Christina Aguilera has the best team by far, and Blake Shelton, well, lets hope he has better taste next season.

  • Team Christina

Personally, I’ve never been a Christina fan, but the girl has a set of pipes on her, a sense of humour, and an amazing sharp ear for talent. Her team consists of “American Idol” cast-off Frenchie, the bald, gravel-voiced Beverly McClellan, who I think audiences are going to fall in love with, mini Rhianna-be Raquel Castro and Lily Elise. I think the success of Christina’s team is going to show that despite the “Idol” trend of guys finishing on top the last few years, women are still “in it to win it,” and her team of talented ladies are going to be a powerhouse that decimates all the other teams.

  • Team Cee Lo

While Cee Lo didn’t end up with a stronger final four than Christina, I think he had a very strong final eight. He just made some really bad decisions when it came to the battle round. He chose Nakia, who I thought was out-sang by Tje Austin, Curtis Grimes instead of his smooching partner Emily Valentine, the sister act Tori and Taylor who perhaps had an unfair advantage against Kelsey Ray, and Vicci Martinez, who I actually liked.

  • Team Adam

Go figure that the blandest of the pop star coaches on “The Voice” also ended up with the blandest team. Again, Adam made some wrong choices in the battle round… he should have taken Casey Desmond, who had a much more powerful voice than crowd favourite Jeff Jenkins. As for the other singers he selected, Javier Colon, Devon Barley and Casey Weston, I’d consider them all the “red shirts” of the live shows.

  • Team Blake

Wow, what a terrible team from Blake. First off, he has the virtue of selecting the worst singer of the competition for his final four: Jared Blake. He’s the bald guy that sounds like Nickelback… so next time you ask yourself, “Who actually likes Nickelback?” You can at least know its Blake Shelton and Jared Blake (interesting repetition of “Blake” there). Like Adam’s team, there are not really any other memorable performers here, including Xenia, Dia Frampton and Patrick Thomas.

So who performed the best in the audition rounds? Have your say in the comments. And if you missed any of the latest episodes, catch them online at CTV.ca.

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