The View clip of the week: Susan Boyle chokes

The View clip of the week: Susan Boyle chokes
by: Tyrone Warner

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The infamous English singer quits in the middle of a song.

Performing “O Holy Night” on “The View,” things seemed rocky from the start, as Boyle’s pristine voice began to turn raspy very quickly.

Then almost out of nowhere, Boyle clutched her stomach, and waved to someone off camera, indicating she was finished and would not go on.

PLEASE NOTE: This clip from “The View” will expire from the video player on Monday, Dec. 6.

Following her performance, the hosts of “The View” rushed out onto the smoky stage in a very awkward and seemingly unrehearsed Q&A talking about Boyle’s “frog in her throat.”

Don’t miss the clip: The ladies at “The View” couldn’t help but talk about the clip for the rest of the week.

Boyle was promoting her new Christmas album, “The Gift,” and was recently nominated for a Grammy for pop vocal album.

Boyle originally came to fame with an astounding appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent,” but later appeared to crack under the pressure of the world’s spotlight.



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