Meet the Original Vampires before they bite the dust

Meet the Original Vampires before they bite the dust
by: Michael Jodha

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We had the pleasure of being introduced to the Original vampire family last week on “The Vampire Diaries”. But mere seconds after they descended the staircase of Klaus’ mansion, the good-looking, well-mannered clan dropped the façade and let their true colours show. 

We’ve learned Esther is plotting to kill her children using Elena’s blood.  That’s probably a good idea since her children seem murderous, reckless, angry and full of desire for revenge upon one another. And we’ve seen what happens on “The Vampire Diaries” when vampires play their war games in Mystic Falls: human lives pay the price.

Let’s find out who these Original vampires really are, and why they have different motives on what to do with Elena and her friends now that they’re in Mystic Falls. 

Kol Mikaelson (played by Nathaniel Buzolic)
He’s the youngest Original vampire, and the most reckless. His mother made it clear there would be no bloodshed at the family’s debutante ball, but it took Kol all of two seconds to break that rule. He’s immediately targeted Rebeka’s date as someone to kill for fun. Even though Rebekah stopped him, Kol still made an attempt on high school senior Matt Donovan’s life before the party was through. In the process, he made a deadly enemy in Damon Salvatore.

Rebeka Mikaelson (played by Claire Holt)
The only daughter in the family, she is known for her quick temper. She fell in love with Stefan years ago, but the romance was interrupted when Klaus trapped in her a coffin.  Now that she’s out, she’s trying to live a life that’s Stefan-free. She decided to join the fight against Klaus when she learned he killed their mother, but was betrayed by Elena Gilbert at the last second. Now that she’s reunited with her family, she’s starting to date high school senior Matt, while secretly plotting against Klaus and Elena. In a moment of despair, she slept with the enemy when she went to bed with Damon. 

Nikklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan)
Esther had an affair behind Mikhail’s back when they first arrived in Mystic Falls centuries ago, and the result was Nikklaus. He’s always felt different from the rest of his family, and that feeling was revealed to have merit when Esther revealed Klaus had a different father. Klaus’ father was a werewolf, and when Esther performed the spell to create the first vampires, it turned Klaus into a hybrid of the two species. Afraid of what kind of power a hybrid would wield, Esther cast a spell to keep Klaus’ werewolf side dormant. Klaus has been on the hunt to reverse the spell ever since, and he finally succeeded when he met Elena. Now that he can build his own army of hybrids, both Elena and the Original family want him dead.

Elijah Mikaelson (played by Canadian actor Daniel Gillies)
He is the only member of the family with a sense of right and wrong. Elijah has been plotting against Klaus for years, and formed an alliance with Elena to gain her help.  However, he chose to save Klaus at the last moment, and it’s a decision he now regrets.  Apologizing for his mistake, he’s once again working with Elena to take down his brother. However, he doesn’t know Elena is helping Esther in her plot to kill all her children. 

Finn Mikaelson (played by British actor Caspar Zafer)
As the oldest sibling, he’s the most dedicated to the family and its goals. It was no surprise that, when Finn’s mother told him her plan to kill all her children, including him, he was on board. He donated his blood to the ritual, and said he’s ready for all them to leave this world. He doesn’t socialize with his brothers and sister, and is rarely seen without his mother by his side.

Esther Mikaelson (played by Alice Evans)
She is the Original witch of Mystic Falls. She created the vampires, and also the curse that kept Klaus’ extra powers dormant. Everyone thought her husband Mikhail killed her centuries ago, but it was later revealed that Klaus locked her away in a coffin for centuries. She tried to kill Elena as a ghost, but has since had a change of heart and is including her in plans to kill the original vampires.

Mikael (played by Sebastian Roché)
The father of the original vampires, he’s the only other person besides Elijah who’s been hunting Klaus for centuries. Mikael never liked his son Klaus, even more so after news of his paternity became public. He believes vampires to be an abomination (though he’s one himself) and has been hunting them for centuries. He held the only weapon that could kill Klaus, and worked with Elena to achieve his goal. However, Mikael and his weapon were destroyed at Klaus’ debutante ball when Stefan Salvatore decided to save Klaus’ life. 

So there’s your Original vampire family. With a reckless youth, a woman scorned, a psychotically loyal son and a back-stabbing brother, maybe Esther has the right idea to remove her family from existence. But as dysfunctional as they might be, they’ve managed to survive over the years without killing each other. Will that skill come in handy when Esther lays down her revenge? Find out on “The Vampire Diaries”.

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