Klaus is the expectant father of a hybrid child and the Salvatore brothers turn to torture on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Klaus is the expectant father of a hybrid child and the Salvatore brothers turn to torture on ‘The Vampire Diaries’
by: Noelle Beauregard

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Nature has an interesting way of restoring itself when it becomes unstable in New Orleans, “a supernatural playground” where vampires rule the streets. 

Although it is impossible for Klaus and werewolf, Hayley, to have a baby, it looks like it’s a reality. It might also be what Klaus has been searching for after centuries of running from his father – family and power. Klaus is ready to once again call New Orleans home, but one thing is missing – Caroline. 

Even though Klaus has a baby to plan for and a kingdom to reclaim, he can’t stay away from Caroline. However, this week’s encounter between the two is far from romantic. It will prove to be not only confusing but dangerous.

Elijah has stood by his brother’s side through good and bad times and believes that Klaus can still redeem himself from all the havoc he has wreaked and glue their family back together.

Like Elijah, Damon and Stephan cling to the belief that Elena can be awoken from her humanity-less daze and returned to the girl they both fell in love with.

“The girl we love is right there, Stephan. I’m not stopping till I get her back. You can stop it right now, it’s up to you,” says Damon in a promo for this week’s episode.

The Salvatore brothers have tried almost everything to get through to Elena and only one option remains – torture. Weak, starving and without a daylight ring, Elena will get a dose of sun that will set her on fire. But will it be enough to make Elena flip her switch considering she isn’t intimidated by the people she knows loves her the most?

“You want to play games, go ahead let’s see who breaks first – me or you,” says Elena at the end of last week episode.

The brothers will need to call in some backup and who better than her doppelganger, Katherine, who is unpredictable and someone that Elena should fear.

While Damon and Stephan try and torture the humanity back into Elena, Bonnie, whose mission is to defeat Silas, presents Katherine with an offer that she says will benefit them both.

Maybe this will be Katherine’s chance to right past wrongs.



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