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Alaric Saltzman

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Matt Davis

Matt Davis plays Alaric Saltzman, the vampire hunter who has become an unlikely ally for the Salvatore brothers, in "The Vampire Diaries."

On the big screen, Davis is well-known for his role in the hit film, "Legally Blonde," where he played Warner Huntington III, the boyfriend who dumps Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon), thereby motivating her to follow him to Harvard Law School. Davis also appeared in Michael Bay's blockbuster, "Pearl Harbor," "Blue Crush, directed by John Stockwell, and "Seeing Other People, directed by Wallace Wolodarsky. He starred in the comedy "Finding Bliss," opposite Leelee Sobieski, the WWII drama "Below," with Bruce Greenwood and Zach Galifianakis, and in Joel Schumacher's Vietnam drama "Tigerland," with Colin Farrell.

Additional film credits include "Heights," with Glenn Close and James Marsden, "Waiting for Forever," with Rachel Bilson and Nikki Blonsky, and "S. Darko," with Elizabeth Berkley and Ed Westwick.

On television, Davis was a regular on the series "What About Brian?" and had a recurring role in the critically acclaimed drama "Damages." He was a guest star in "Law & Order: SVU" and appeared in the pilot "Limelight."

Davis currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where "The Vampire Diaries" films.

Alaric Saltzman

Hired as a high-school history teacher, Alaric Saltzman comes to Mystic Falls looking for revenge against the vampire who murdered his wife, Isobel. But the truth about Isobel's death makes him realize he married a stranger, and eventually brings him closer to the world of vampires.


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