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Candice Accola

Candice Accola stars in the hit drama The Vampire Diaries as Caroline Forbes, a young woman searching for friendship, love and her place in the world.

Accola appeared in the smash hit Juno, opposite Ellen Page and Michael Cera. She also starred in Deadgirl, an independent horror film that was met with much critical attention and Internet buzz at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008; the film had a limited release in the summer of 2009. On television, Accola has had guest starring roles in Supernatural and Greek, as well as How I Met Your Mother.

Accola is best known for her musical talents, and, in addition to providing backup vocals in Hannah Montana: The Movie, she toured with the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" tour in 2008. An accomplished singer and songwriter since the age of 14, Accola achieved success in her music career after being signed to a record deal at the age of 16. Her music has garnered international success, and she continues to record and write her own music.

In the spring of 2010, Accola became passionately involved with the charity Turn the Corner, a foundation dedicated to awareness and education about Lyme Disease. After reconnecting with a childhood friend chronically afflicted with the disease, Accola has spent much of her free time educating others about the symptoms, treatments and problems association with the disease.

Accola was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where The Vampire Diaries films.

Caroline Forbes

Pretty but often petty, Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) remains in the shadow of her overachieving friends. Her self-absorption and insecurities allow her to easily fall victim to violence and deceit. Yet she is making strides to change her outlook.


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