CTV.ca Blog: Whew! The top four moments from this year’s season finales

CTV.ca Blog: Whew! The top four moments from this year’s season finales
by: Tyrone Warner

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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen all of the finales yet, stop by the Season Finale Screening Room before you head any further.

Alright, with that out of the way… let’s talk about the finales. There were highs, there were plenty of lows, and some really shocking twists. Here’s my top four favourite finale moments: Share yours in the comments below!

  • The twist on “Castle”

Where to start? There was that crazy action sequence where Lockwood escaped in a helicopter, followed by Richard Castle proclaiming his love for Beckett, Beckett being shot, and Capt. Montgomery’s out-of-nowhere double-cross and later, death! Personally, I’m not a fan of people using the term “Caskett,” and I don’t think Castle and Beckett will ever truly fall in love… and I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that the upcoming season is going to be a dark one. After all, the series is going to be releasing a new graphic novel, “Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm,” to follow up on “Heat Wave” and “Naked Heat.” “Deadly Storm” doesn’t necessarily sound like a feel-good title, and also considering the character is returning to the novel series he created before the “Nikki Heat” series could suggest that some creative inspiration from Beckett just isn’t happening anymore.

  • Turning out the lights on “CSI: New York”

There were a lot of questions surrounding the fate of this “CSI” spinoff, and after watching this finale, it really felt like a series finale more than just a season finale. After all, Mac solved his last “unsolved” case, and the episode “Exit Strategy” resolved with Man taking his time to symbolically turn off all the lights in his office. Everyone else was glimpsed having happy endings of their own: Sheldon was shown getting a call from his childhood sweetheart Camille, Flack kicked some butt on another unidentified case, and Danny passed the Sergeant’s exam. However, perhaps to the show’s surprise -- it’s been renewed. I enjoyed the classy way the series went out this year, and while it wasn’t a crazy cliffhanger or twist, it’s the best sort of ending a hardcore serial like this can give.


  • Penny sleeps with Raj on "Big Bang Theory"

This was totally surprising… but after thinking about it, maybe it was only a matter of time? Penny has been known to drink heavily from time to time, and this is how she first hooked up with Leonard. Considering Raj can only speak to girls while intoxicated… well, the rest kind of makes sense. And how classic was it that after they woke up together, that the booze wore off and Raj could no longer talk to Penny? I don’t think this is something that the show will be following up with in the next season, and it also makes me wonder if Priya will be back, especially after Leonard broke up with her after hearing the news she was moving back to India.

  • Patrick Jane kills... on "The Mentalist"

I know that when I did the “Season Finale Preview” for “The Mentalist,” I went on to suggest that the Red John storyline was one that would last for the entire run of the series, and that we’d never see any resolution until the last couple minutes of the last episode of the last season. Well… I was wrong. Dead wrong. Now looking at some of the online chatter, some people spotted famed TV actor Bradley Whitford (“West Wing,” “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”) in the mall crowd well before his character admitted he was Red John. I didn’t, so when we finally saw him come to the foreground, I was aghast. Then, when Jane shot him using the concealed gun in his pocket… Wow. I was not expecting that. Sure, there will be the question if he was the “real” Red John or not, but his description of how Jane’s dead wife and child smelled, it seems that kind of info confirmed the identity enough for Jane. Now that is a season finale that shocked me, and was actually satisfying to a certain extent, and leaves me totally gob smacked as to where the show is going next season. Almost feels like a “Lost” finale. Almost.

Man, I miss “Lost.”

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