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Something's Rotten in Redmund

Rigsby becomes a father and Cho tries to keep Lisbon from uncovering his relationship with Summer.

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  • Pink Champagne on Ice

    The investigation of a casino worker's homicide reunites Jane with a magician he used to tour with when he was a practicing psychic.

  • Ruddy Cheeks

    Jane and the CBI investigate the homicide of a wealthy man with a terminal illness. Meanwhile, Cho must deal with his personal demons.

  • Cheap Burgundy

    Agt. Darcy requests Jane's help with a murder case, but Jane suspects she has a hidden agenda regarding Red John.

  • His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

    In the wake of an anticult activist's homicide, the CBI question a cult leader who is Jane's old adversary.

  • War of the Roses

    A murderer Jane helped expose gets a furlough to help the CBI solve a charity worker's homicide. Meanwhile, Rigsby prepares for fatherhood.

  • At First Blush

    Jane hurries to prove a murder suspect is not guilty while her case is deliberated by a jury.

  • Red Is The New Black

    A fallen fashion designer mounting a comeback is murdered. Meanwhile, Agt. Darcy continues her manhunt for Red John

  • My Bloody Valentine

    Jane investigates the death of a mob boss's son. Meanwhile, Van Pelt is haunted by memories of O'Laughlin's shooting

  • Always Bet On Red

    Jane investigates the murder of a high-end divorce lawyer who is found dead on his speed boat.

  • Fugue in Red

    Jane almost drowns while investigating a fireman's murder, and he loses his memory, turning him into the old con man Patrick Jane

  • The Redshirt

    The team investigates a car explosion involving an NFL star quarterback who is presumed to be dead; and Rigsby and Harrigan's relationship deepens

  • Pink Tops

    An undercover narcotics cop is murdered, and the team retraces her investigation to solve the case

  • Blinking Red Light

    A serial-killer case hits close to home for Jane when he meets a blogger obsessed with the killer and who has devoted his life to finding the person

  • Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien

    A police chief is murdered in a resort town, and the case leads Lisbon to reunite with her brother.

  • Blood and Sand

    A woman's body is found on an island off the California coast, and the team questions an odd group assembled on the island.

  • Ring Around the Rosie

    Jane thinks a man carrying a gun at a political rally is about to commit a murder and sets out to prove his theory.

  • Pretty Red Balloon

    Jane looks for a missing child at the request of the mother, who is one of Jane's former clients from his career as a psychic.

  • Little Red Book

    Jane is reinstated as a CBI consultant, but he must work with a new team while he schemes to bring back Lisbon and his former team.

  • Scarlett Ribbon

    In prison for killing his nemesis, Patrick must prove that the man he shot was Red John.


CTV's New Series

  • The Odd Couple

    "The Odd Couple" follows endearing slob Oscar Madison and uptight neat freak Felix Unger, two former college buddies who become unlikely roommates after the demise of their marriages.

  • American Crime

    A brutal attack on a young married couple, which leaves the husband dead, stirs up tensions across racial lines.

  • Secrets And Lies

    Ben Garner is about to go from Good Samaritan to murder suspect, after he discovers the body of his neighbor's young son in the woods.

  • CSI: Cyber

    Special Agent Avery Ryan heads the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI. While other agents search for criminals in dark homes and alleys, Ryan searches the “dark net.”

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