Producer promises intrigue and more with 'The Listener'

Producer promises intrigue and more with 'The Listener'

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As a paramedic, Toby Logan is always on hand to help in a crisis. But when a cry for help comes out of nowhere, he realizes his already weird life is about to change.

But Toby isn't your run-of-the-mill, courageous and quick-thinking paramedic; he has a secret. All his life he's been a telepath, with the ability to hear people's thoughts and see into their minds.

After spending his youth learning to shut out the voices and visions -- somebody breaks through.

What Toby has to figure out next is the basis of "The Listener," a brand new Canadian series on CTV, which debuts Wednesday, June 3 at 10 p.m. ET.

Click here for an exclusive sneak preview clip. Full episodes of the series will also be available online at in the CTV Video Player.

"The Listener" is produced by Shaftesbury Films, in association with NBC and FOX International.

Set in Toronto, the series follows Toby as he learns how to finally master his telepathic ability, while also trying to understand his own mysterious past.

Christina Jennings, the Executive Producer of "The Listener" and Chairman and CEO of Shaftesbury Films, likens Toby to the alter-ego of everyone's favourite web-slinger, Spiderman.

"He's kind of like a Peter Parker, who was just an average guy until he got bit by a radioactive spider. And like Peter, Toby has to hide his gift, so no one knows. They're also both loners," says Jennings.

Craig Olejnik plays Toby and is best known for his roles in "Margaret's Museum" and "In God's Country," alongside Kelly Rowan.

The cast is rounded out by Lisa Marcos, who plays Detective Charlie Marks, the officer who Toby turns to when he has a secret about a case, Ennis Esmer as Toby's wingman Oz Bey who is Toby's best friend, and Mylene Dinh-Robic as Dr. Olivia Fawcett, a young ER doc who Toby shares an off-and-on relationship.

Jennings says that while most Canadians may not immediately recognize the stars of "The Listener," she's proud of the casting.

"We have discovered four incredible 20-something actors," says Jennings. "They're not familiar faces, but there's something incredibly exciting about that. We're making our own new stars!"

If anyone is a good judge of talent, it's Jennings, who has had a long and successful career in Canadian television. Jennings established Shaftesbury Films, the company that producers "The Listener," and she acts as producer or executive producer on all of the company's film and TV productions.

Previous projects by Shaftesbury include the critically acclaimed series "Regenesis," the "Murdoch Mysteries" and "Dark Oracle."

Colm Feore also appears in "The Listener" as Dr. Ray Mercer, the only person who knows Toby's telepathic secret.

Jennings admits that in producing this series, she has been spending a lot of time wondering what it might be like being a telepath (which she believes don't exist).

One of the mysteries Jennings has been mulling over is what happens when a telepath is around someone who dies, and what would the telepath see at the moment of death?

"Would they see the white light? It's an intriguing mystery. You can have a lot of fun with it," says Jennings.



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