Mylène Dinh-Robic gets motherly on 'The Listener'

Mylène Dinh-Robic gets motherly on 'The Listener'
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by: Tyrone Warner

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In a season marked by change, Mylène Dinh-Robic rolls with the punches.

When “The Listener” debuted on CTV, it was a heavy drama about a paramedic with the power of telepathy, who struggled to keep his gift a secret with those around him. The titular “Listener,” Toby Logan, is played by Craig Olejnik, and his lover interest last season, Dr. Olivia Fawceett, is played by Dinh-Robic.

When the series reconvened for season two, the cast featured a bit of a jumble, with both the departure of Lisa Marcos, and the addition of castmembers Rainbow Sun Francks and Tara Spencer-Nairn.

Toby and Olivia’s romance came to a head (along with her discovery of Toby’s abilities) in the previous season finale, and when the show returned, it’s revealed Toby and Olivia’s romance didn’t work out (and Marcos’ Det. Charlie Marks shot dead).

But even though the romance didn’t last, Olivia remains within the tight-knit group of friends who knows Toby’s secrets, and according to Dinh-Robic, Olivia has also taken on a “motherly” sort of role.

“She’s a maternal, nurturing presence for Toby and Oz. That’s what audiences can expect to see with the rest of the cast… she wants to make sure everybody’s okay! That’s so typical, because she’s a doctor, and that’s how it comes out,” says Dinh-Robic during an interview with

The actress also reveals that Olivia’s medical background and sense of curiosity will play a role in Toby’s health.

“Toby’s gift now appears to be taxing, and it’s a physical toll on him. You can see the Listener’s physical limits this season. Olivia is there to say, ‘Hey man, you have to take care of yourself,’ but she always wants to put him in the CAT scan to understand what happens when he’s getting the hits. Because he’s delving into it with a lot more abandon, he’s not taking care of himself, and it’s taking over his health through the second season.”

Season two also means that Olivia is finally getting some solid girl time, with Spencer-Nairn’s nurse Sandy joining her in the hospital.

“It’s great for me as an actor, and it’s great for Olivia to have that girlfriend at work. And throughout the show, you’ll find that I think the writers have had a lot more of a female perspective,” says Dinh-Robic.

“Most of the writers are male, but there’s been an injection of ‘What it means to be a professional, working female’ in the story, which is a real plus. There’s a lot of interesting twists in Tara’s character for Sandy, and her relationship with Oz.”

In between the first and second season of “The Listener,” Dinh-Robic used her time-off to concentrate on launching her French-language career, as well as continuing to develop a script based on her life growing up.

“I’ve always loved writing, and my heritage has been interesting, growing up in a bi-cultural family. My mother being Vietnamese and my father being French, it’s like an east-west meeting in my house,” says Dinh-Robic.

“Just to see the dynamic in the house has created some funny and endearing and real dramatic elements that deserve to be told in a story, so that’s what I’m working on. You write what you know.”

Dinh-Robic was born and raised in Montreal, and graduated from Concordia University. Besides “The Listener,” Dinh-Robic has appearing in “Smallville,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Stargate Atlantis,” “The Border” and “Toute la Vérité.”

“The Listener” airs in a new timeslot Friday nights on CTV, with full episodes still available online at

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