A Valentine's Day dream come true: Win a date with 'The Listener's' Ennis Esmer

A Valentine's Day dream come true: Win a date with 'The Listener's' Ennis Esmer
Ennis Esmer (Photo courtesy of April Wozny)
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Valentine’s Day means cinnamon hearts, boxes of chocolates, long-stemmed roses and…for one lucky lady, a date with her favourite TV paramedic.

Yup, Ennis Esmer, who plays Oz on “The Listener,” will be interviewing five  bachelorettes live on-air with Roger, Darren and Marilyn on 104.5 CHUM FM every morning this week leading up to the 14th and that evening will take the winning lady out on the town.

“And who knows, maybe some of my ‘Listener’ friends will show up,” Esmer says. “It could be fun, or maybe we could just sit there awkwardly and then at the end they can tell me they want to see other Canadian character actors they’ve met on the radio.”

Regardless, the pair will return to the CHUM FM studio on Friday, February 15 to discuss the ins and outs of their romantic dinner date.

This year, Esmer will be taking his date to dine at Annona Restaurant at the Park Hyatt Toronto, but if he wasn’t out with the lucky winning bachelorette, how would the actor be spending his Thursday evening?

“Probably watching a basketball game and then falling asleep eating ice cream bars by myself,” he says, laughing.

“Maybe this girl is into that. We could eat ice cream sandwiches from either end, like Lady and the Tramp.”

So what would Oz do for Sandy for Valentine’s Day on “The Listener?”

“He’d be all about the ceremony of it,” Esmer says. “There’d be a hot air balloon and a sea plane would fly over and throw confetti at them. And then the pilot of the hot air balloon would be Richard Marx and he’d sing, ‘Right Here Waiting.’ And then there’d be sky divers with arrows and wings like cupids.

“Instead of rose petals everywhere, there’d be boxes of chocolates and cinnamon candy hearts everywhere. The whole route of her day would be mapped out in cinnamon hearts.

“That actually sounds pretty charming. Maybe I should be more like Oz.”
Esmer does note that he’s okay being called Oz during Thursday’s date, “so long as I could pretend it’s some paramedic situation that turns sexy.”

So will he be wearing his paramedic outfit?

“I would but I’ve lost some weight and I don’t think it’ll fit me,” he says (with the most humble brag of them all).

Even if the date goes south, the pair will inevitably see each other again as the lucky lady will also win tickets to the play Esmer is performing in.

“The play’s perfect for this whole way of meeting up,” Esmer says. “It’s about what can happen when you meet someone and you don’t know what to expect of them, but you let them into your life a little too much.

“It’s about people meeting each other through unique or public situations where you’re not really sure what you’re getting until you meet them in person.”

The play, “Claire From The Bus” opens on Friday, February 15th, the day after Esmer’s CHUM date.

So what’s the one thing this lucky lady is going to be surprised by when meeting Esmer for their Valentine’s Day rendez-vous?

“I’m actually 6-foot-8. I act my way down to about a 5’7”.”

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