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Corporal Dev Clark

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Rainbow Sun Francks

Rainbow Sun Francks stars as Corporal Dev Clark, technology expert and McCluskey’s talented partner, on CTV and Fox International Channels’ hit dramatic series THE LISTENER. Francks was born into a family of entertainers. He is the son of actor/musician Don Francks and dancer/actor Lili Francks, and brother to voice actor Cree Summer. It was only natural that Francks would take his first steps into the business at the age of four, counting and dancing on the children’s program SESAME STREET.

At the age of thirteen he worked alongside Christopher Reeve and Tony Todd in the TV western mini-series Black Fox. At around the same time, he was starting to explore his creativity through music. In collaboration with some friends, they formed the hip-hop group The Oddities. The Oddities began releasing records independently before getting signed to Battle Axe Records/EMI and touring across Canada and the United States.

It was at the age of seventeen that Francks decided to seriously pursue a career in acting, landing his first leading role in the film The Planet of Junior Brown, directed by Clement Virgo. The two worked together several more times, including the films Love Come Down and One Heart Broken into Song, for which Francks received a Gemini Award nomination for Best Male Leading Actor.

Francks showcased yet another skill-set when he became a VJ on MuchMusic, hosting various programs and award shows including the MMVAs and the popular ELECTRIC CIRCUS.

In 2004, he moved to Vancouver to begin working on the popular sci-fi television series STARGATE: ATLANTIS as LT. Aiden Ford. While in Vancouver, he also played on the short-lived comedy THIS SPACE FOR RENT.

In between filming THE LISTENER, Franks continues to write and produce music under the name “Whippersnapper”.

Follow him on Twitter @RainbowFrancks

Corporal Dev Clark

Corporal Dev Clark is the IIB’s technology expert. In his late twenties, he’s also a valuable operative and Michelle’s (Lauren Lee Smith) partner and confidante. Dev is the laid back Zen master to Michelle’s tightly wound investigator, but their skills complement perfectly and they learn a lot from each other. This season has Dev making a departure from the confines of his high-tech desk and sees him facing danger in the field with Michelle and Toby (Craig Olejnik).



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