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The Listener: The Toby Logan Files

The new IIB Supervising Inspector, Brian Becker (Anthony Lemke), interrogates key characters from telepath Toby Logan’s past. Fan favourites from the series return including evil mastermind Magnus Elphrenson (Peter Outerbridge); faith healer Iris (Michelle Adams); gang member Len Gazicki (Michael Mando); and former IIB head Alvin Klein (Peter Stebbings).

6 episodes

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The Listener: Double Date with Death

Oz and Sandy work with local reporter Missy to uncover the secret behind a "Jane Doe's" death and the mysterious key she left behind.

13 episodes

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The Listener: Switch

After Toby and Oz are suddenly jolted by a defibrillator while on duty for the Integrated Investigative Bureau (IIB), Toby’s mind-reading powers are somehow transferred to Oz.

6 episodes

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Catching Up with 'The Listener'

Craig and Ennis visit 'Marilyn'

Craig Olejnik and Ennis Esmer from 'The Listener' talk about the new season and play 'Listen, Look and Draw' with two audience members

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Vision Buster Game

Think you have what it takes to be a Listener?

Test your powers in The Listener Game and then challenge your Facebook friends to beat your score!

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