The ex-nanny, the neighbours and now the FBI agent? Is anyone trustworthy on 'The Following?'

The ex-nanny, the neighbours and now the FBI agent? Is anyone trustworthy on 'The Following?'
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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If there’s one lesson to be learned three episodes into “The Following,” it’s that you can’t trust anyone...except, maybe, Kevin Bacon’s character, Ryan Hardy.

It’s clear notorious serial killer Joe Carroll is not to be trusted. Even though he’s in prison, he’s got a cult of followers killing on his behalf.

The (seemingly) innocent nanny from the first episode kidnapped Carroll’s son, which turns out to be the least of her evil doings, one of the most vicious of Carroll’s followers.

And Jacob and Paul, the gay couple who lived next door to  Sarah (the only one of Carroll’s victims to survive) are not in fact a couple but were just posing as one in order to kidnap their neighbor and let Carroll complete the job. In fact, Jacob is smitten with the nanny!

In the second and third episodes, the street performer dressed as Poe turns out to be Rick – one of Joe’s followers who is less interested in entertaining crowds and more interested in dousing a guy buying a hotdog in gasoline and setting him on fire.

And Rick’s wife, Maggie, who seems like an innocent victim of abuse is actually in Joe’s “cult” and stabs the police officer ordered to protect her in the neck with an ice pick.

But out of all the shifty characters, the biggest question mark is Debra – the FBI agent who focuses on cults. Her relationship to Carroll is strange – she gave him a book at the prison library, wordlessly, of course, though, she seems to be working with Hardy.

What is her connection to Carroll? And where does her allegiance lie to the FBI? And most significantly, can Hardy trust her or not?

Check out photos from the episode.

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