'The Following': It looks like serial killer Carroll isn't the only one with a following

'The Following': It looks like serial killer Carroll isn't the only one with a following
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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It’s abundantly clear that serial killer Joe Carroll has a following, but according to a preview for Monday’s episode, his ex-wife, Claire might have a following of her own.

Though she’s not even aware she has one.

So is the guy who picked her up after she ditched the FBI surveillance in the last episode part of this sub-cult? And is it crazy to even think he might have her best interests at heart?

Could he actually be taking her to see her son, Joey, as Carroll promised?

In the last episode, Joey managed to call home (and even managed to escape for a few brief minutes!) sending the FBI on a massive search.

But Joey’s almost escape only added to the tension between the farmhouse trio. Emma and Paul are getting impatient for Jacob to kill the captive in the basement and to complicate things even further, the three of them ended up sleeping together (something Jacob regrets).

They might not be one happy family, but it looks like they’ll have to come together once again. In a preview of Episode 6, they have guns trained on Ryan Hardy.

It’s not the first time Hardy’s life has been in jeopardy, but things don’t look good for the FBI agent, played by Kevin Bacon. Rumour has it he will decide to try the only thing he can – stalling by trying to turn the three against each other.

That seems hopeful, except according to a preview, Emma is going to make “a surprising decision” at some point in the episode.

Could that mean giving up Hardy and Joey? Could that mean killing herself?

Or perhaps Emma will receive more orders from Carroll. In last week’s episode, the serial killer got a message to his followers through his ex-lawyer, who read Edgar Allen Poe quotes to the news cameras.

It looks like Carroll’s influence continues to grow this week as the preview shows a new follower is slated to reveal Carroll's true intentions.

If kidnapping, brutal killings and wide spread panic were just the pre-cursor, we’re nervous to find out what he really wants to do…

Check out photos from the episode and watch web-exclusive video.

“The Following” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca.


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