Ellen DeGeneres' funniest tweets of 2013 (so far)

Ellen DeGeneres' funniest tweets of 2013 (so far)
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by: Vince Mirenzi

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Because when she's not dancing over a table or putting an audience member in a dunk tank, Ellen's busy writing super, hilarious, awesome tweets.

Here's CTV.ca's colourful countdown of the funniest social media punchlines from the Queen of Daytime Comedy:

1. "Back from vacation & can't remember where anything is. Where are the forks? The cups? The family photos? You know what? This isn't my house."
2. "Portia pointed out that if the movie is called "Finding Dory", I'm probably gonna be missing for most of it. Somebody get my agent."
3. "Between my humidifier & Portia making me tea non-stop, there's so much steam coming from our house people think we picked the new Pope."
4. "Watching a documentary on Australia to get ready for my trip. Okay, I'm watching "Crocodile Dundee," but I'm learning so much."
5. "I'm so happy. I just won my 13th #PeoplesChoice Award. And I'm excited because if I win 2 more I heard I can trade them in for an Oscar."
6. "A very happy birthday to my dear cousin, Kate Middleton. I hope everything's going well with baby Ellen!"
7. "Sending love to @LadyGaga and wishing her well from her hip surgery. She's so cool, even her surgery is hip."
8. "Happy birthday, @JustinBieber! The screaming fans, the Twitter following, the perfect hair -- I'm sorry, I'm thinking of me."
9. "Happy Birthday to the 1st Lady of the U.S., @FLOTUS Michelle Obama, from the 1st lady in line at the Cost Plus sale, Ellen DeGeneres."
10. "It's National Handwriting Day! It's a time for us all to sit back and try to remember what our handwriting looks like."
11. "Los Angeles didn't make the list of friendliest cities. I hope those stupid idiots who did that test never come back."
12. "@TheBlackKeys really made an incredible album. Imagine how good it would be if they also used the white keys."
13. "I had a great birthday, and now the house is finally back in order. I just need to figure out how to get @JimmyKimmel out of my bathtub."
14. "Jason Sudeikis and @OliviaWilde are engaged! That's wonderful. I hope this helps him get over me."
15. "Happy Birthday, @VictoriaBeckham and Jennifer Garner! I decided to get you both the same thing -- sexy, sexy husbands."
16. "Got some yarn for my flight. I'm gonna knit Kate Middleton's baby some booties and a tiny, tiny crown."
17. "This morning I dyed Portia's hair green for St. Patrick's Day! She's gonna love it as soon as she wakes up."
18. "@Shakira had a baby! And I heard it from her hips, so I know it's not a lie."
19. "H_PPY B_RTHD_Y V_NN_ WH_T_! Wanna buy a vowel?"
20. "It's National Weatherman Day! There's a 60% chance I'm going to celebrate."

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