‘BBT’ lands a Trekkie, ‘Castle’ gets a Nanny and ‘Grimm’ goes even more supernatural

‘BBT’ lands a Trekkie, ‘Castle’ gets a Nanny and ‘Grimm’ goes even more supernatural
Leonard Nimoy: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh; Sebastian Roche: AP Photo/Matt Sayles
by: Michael Jodha

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Kicking off the April sweeps guest list is Leonard Nimoy, known to many as Spock from the “Star Trek” franchise. He’ll be dropping by the set of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on March 29 to visit his biggest fan, Sheldon (played by Emmy winner Jim Parsons). 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nimoy will not physically be seen on screen, instead lending his voice to a dream sequence inside of Sheldon’s head. 

"For years, we thought it would be fantastic to have (Nimoy) appear on the show and we think we’ve found a really different and fun way to make that happen," “BBT” executive producer Steve Molaro tells THR.

Given Sheldon’s obsession with “Star Trek”, a dream sequence is probably all his character can handle at this point since a real face-to-face meeting might cause some kind of “superfan” meltdown. But who knows? This could leave the door open for Sheldon to one day meet Nimoy on-screen in a future episode.

‘Grimm’ reaps the benefits of double guest-stars

Next, things are definitely not looking grim on “Grimm.” Sebastian Roche and Neil Hopkins, both actors with a history of appearing on supernatural shows, will drop by the set for a game of “Cat and Mouse”, which is the title of the episode. It will feature Roche as Edgar Waltz, a man who is hunting Hopkin’s creature-character Ian Harmon (according to Zap2it.com). 

“Grimm” producers have not yet revealed what type of creature Hopkins will appear as, but with an acting resume that includes recurring plenty of sci-fi/adventure roles, he should have no problem on the paranormal show. Roche, meanwhile, played original vampire hunter Mikail on “The Vampire Diaries.”

“Grimm” will also receive a visit by the fedora-wearing detective from “Dexter.” According to TVline.com, actor David Zayas will guest star as Sal Burrel, a “monstrous troll-like creature” who comes into conflict with “Grimm”’s eisbiber community (a group of monstrous beavers). No word yet on if Zayas will be allowed to use his famed white fedora to polish off his look as a monstrous troll.

Both “Grimm” episodes are scheduled to air sometime in April.

‘Castle’ gains an enemy and an ally

Over on “Castle,” it’s straight-up villainy for Charles Shaughnessy. Famous for his role as Maxwell Sheffield, the man who married Fran Fine on “The Nanny”, he’ll play a more dramatic role opposite Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. According to TV Guide Magazine, Shaughnessy will act as Nigel Winthrop, a member of the British Consulate who is not to be trusted, in an episode titled “The Limey”. 

And Joss Whedon fans, get ready for this: there will be a “Firefly” reunion on “Castle” before the current season is through. According to TV Guide Magazine, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion will once again share the screen together. They both starred in Whedon’s short-lived television series and again in the film adaptation of the show, “Serenity”.

This time around, Baldwin will play detective Ethan Slaughter, a man who employs unorthodox methods to acquire evidence to solve cases. According to the casting announcement, Baldwin’s methods on the show will have a huge impact on Castle, and will land him in a dangerous situation in time for the season finale.   

Both “Castle” episodes are scheduled to air in April.


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