Bazinga! A 'Big Bang' bug

Bazinga! A 'Big Bang' bug
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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It’s not often that a sitcom catch phrase get immortalized in scientific nomenclature, but for a newly discovered orchid bee, that’s exactly what happened.

Scientists Andre Nemesio and Rafael R. Ferrari, who found the new bee in Brazil, are clearly big fans of the science-nerd sitcom as they named their discovery after Sheldon Cooper’s favourite catch phrase, “Bazinga!”

They wrote: “Sheldon Cooper’s favorite comic word ‘bazinga,’ used by him when tricking somebody, was here chosen to represent the character. Euglossa bazinga has tricked us for some time due to its similarity to E. ignita.”

The Euglossa bazinga is one of 250 different species of orchid bees in South American and according to Biodiversity In Focus, the Euglossa bazinga is the smallest species in the subgenus Euglossa, but it has the longest tongue relative to its body size.

(Just don’t tell the scientists that Sheldon’s actually allergic to bees!)

From an asteroid discovered in 2007 named the 246247 Sheldoncooper, to this little bee, what else will carry the name of the infamous TV physicist? A theoretical theorem perhaps? A planet??


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