Top 10 reasons to apply for 'The Amazing Race Canada'

Top 10 reasons to apply for 'The Amazing Race Canada'
Photo by Johannes Simon for Getty Images
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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With the casting call now open, here are Top 10 reasons to get your application in for "The Amazing Race Canada"

1. You’ve taken elaborate notes on the last 21 seasons of the American version of “The Race” from the comfort of your couch.
2. You’ve got a Canadian flag sewn to every backpack you own.
3. You’ve had your team picked out for years
4. And already have your team nickname picked out (like “The Twinnies,” the rockers, the divorcees…)
5. You know you and your teammate are a) the most competitive people you know, b) can get through anything together and/or c) will fight like crazy, but always manage to make it to the mat first.
6. You’re totally okay with eating strange parts of strange animals.
7. You do shots of maple syrup for breakfast.
8. You know what being “screeched in” means.
9. And you know how to thresh wheat.
10. And you’re fluent in Inuktitut.

For all the details on how to apply, check out "The Amazing Race Canada" page.