The perfect pairing: Wise team choices for 'The Amazing Race Canada'

The perfect pairing: Wise team choices for 'The Amazing Race Canada'
A hiker enjoys a view of fall colours from the Eagle's Nest look-out on the Manitou Mountain Trail near Calabogie, Ont., in the Ottawa valley. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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With the premiere date of “The Amazing Race Canada” coming fast (July 15th!), looked at the best options for choosing an ideal teammate.

Your sister
Sometimes that sibling rivalry thing can be just what you need to get you through a particularly rough challenge. You know that your sister will always have your back and besides, if you made it through childhood without killing each other, chances are you’ll both make it through “The Race.”

Your co-worker
This is a tricky one. You see your work mates for at least eight hours a day, at least 40 hours a week (not including the after work beers), but to see if your relationship can handle “Race”-like stress, try a little pre-Race test in the office to see if they’ve got what it takes – if you bring Halibut cheeks instead of donuts, will they scarf them down with relish? At the company Christmas party, are they the last ones standing? If the answer is an unequivocal yes, then you’re golden.

(And yes, my co-worker and I have debated leaving CTV just so we’d have the chance to race!)*

*Not really.

Your parent
When the “Race” is pushing you to your limits, you have to trust that you won’t revert to kid-mode, leaving your mom or dad to clean up your mess. On the up side, they’ve known you since before you were you and you also know that they can handle stressful situations – they raised you after all.

Your best friend
You’ve been together through thick and thin and you’ve still got each other’s backs. But travelling with even your best friend can get tricky. If you already know you can travel with them, you win!

Your significant other
This is a tricky one and can go either way. You know each other well. Really well. Which is a good thing. Except you also know how to argue (read: fight over who got lost en route to the airport in the middle of nowhere). But you’d get to see this gorgeous country of ours with your person – memories that would absolutely overshadow all arguments (thought it might take a few months post-“Race”!).

Your roommate
She already eats your food and you always count on her for directions anyways. What could go wrong?  (Just make sure your lease will be up post-“Race”…just in case!)

Your ex-boyfriend you’re still friends with (no, really!)
You’ve already gone through the infatuation phase that is going to keep a newlywed teams’ heads in the clouds. You’ll never want to be bested by your ex, so you know you’ll be on you’re a-game. And the stakes of trying to maintain love and hugs in the middle of the most stressful part of the “Race” is gone! You can fight as much as you want! You can make up, or not! No strings attached!


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