From maple syrup to parkas to bunnyhugs: What to pack for 'The Amazing Race Canada'

From maple syrup to parkas to bunnyhugs: What to pack for 'The Amazing Race Canada'
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by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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With the announcement of “The Amazing Race Canada,” people all over the country are picking their teammates and planning their audition tapes. So what should “Race” hopefuls pack to make sure they make it through the cross-country adventure?

If there’s one thing that’s certain, Canada is a land of varying climates. Word has it “The Amazing Race Canada” will start filming in the late spring, which might mean temperate, spring-like weather in some parts of the country, but snow storms and arctic chill in others.

A red lumberjack coat would be the most iconic, but not the most waterproof for challenges on the often wet East and West Coasts. Parkas take up a lot of (limited!) backpack space, but you can guarantee the barren tundra of the Great White North is going to be chilly, even in the spring.

And though those pants that zip into shorts might not be the most stylish (ahem), it would mean not overheating/freezing if there are Kelowna to Iqaluit flights. And you can’t forget board shorts in case there’s Vancouver Island surfing challenges.

Tossing in an ice scraper for any freak snow storms would be a good idea, and you can’t forget a bunnyhug for any Saskatchewan challenges (for those who aren’t Prairie folk, a bunnyhug is a hoodie – key information for “The Amazing Race Canada” hopefuls!)

And you can’t forget your French English dictionary…and Inuktitut dictionary!

If we’ve learned anything from the Rockers in the last season of the U.S. edition of the “Race,” it’s to keep your money and ID on you at all times, so a money belt is key (though teams won’t have to worry about losing their passports like the Rockers did, as all the travelling is inside Canada).

In that same American season of “The Race,” teams ended up having to chow down on frog fallopian tubes. Just in case there are any strange eating challenges in the Canadian version, we’d recommend at least a small bottle of maple syrup.

And don’t forget, no Canuck backpack is complete without a Canadian flag sewn to the front.

Time to get stitching!

For "The Amazing Race Canada's" FAQs, click here.


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