Bieber and Bublé, Gosling and McAdams: dreams up celebrity teams for 'The Amazing Race Canada'

Bieber and Bublé, Gosling and McAdams: dreams up celebrity teams for 'The Amazing Race Canada'
by: Sheri Block and Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Ever since Phil Keoghan announced Sunday that “The Amazing Race Canada” will be coming to CTV next summer, Canadians have been throwing their names in the (Twitter) ring.

Perhaps the most interesting one so far has been Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, who were known for their “Body Break” TV segments that began airing more than 20 years ago and promoted physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

To get into the spirit, we’ve dreamt up some teams of Canadian celebrities we’d like to see run the “Race.”

Until next time, “keep fit and have fun.”

Justin Bieber and Michael Bublé - “The Pop Stars”

Canadian heartthrobs Bieber and Bublé have gone head to head at the Juno Awards for years, but the team would be united in securing the hearts of generations of Canadian females. Their biggest challenge will be getting through the Roadblocks with all the screaming fans…

Earplugs will be their greatest asset.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams – “The Exes”

If the challenge is kissing in the rain, exes Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams will be the first to score their next clue (and if a challenge requires using your abs, Ryan’s got it covered).

But running the “Race” is stressful for even the most secure couples, so we expect this on-again, off-again pair might run into obstacles when it comes to working together.

Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux – “The Hockey Players”

It wouldn’t be a Canadian version of the “Race” without a team of hockey players.  With Stanley Cups and Olympic gold medals under their belts, these Penguin legends have a proven track record of winning and with the inevitable shinny challenge (it is “The Amazing Race Canada,” after all), these two will be impossible to beat.

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger – “The Fiancées”

If these two rockers-turned-lovers can stop gazing lovingly at each other long enough to complete a challenge, they might just fare ok.  But the stressful pace of the “Race” can be make or break for many couples but hopefully things won’t get too “complicated” for these lovebirds.

Jim Carrey and Mike Myers – “The Funny Guys”

These two might turn the “Race” into a comedy show but it would surely be entertaining to watch. Alright-y then.

Adam van Koeverden and Clara Hughes – “The Olympians”

Ice, water and land: this team is prepared for it all. Not only are they used to a grueling training schedule, they’ve also got more muscles than any other team combined. They might be a bit nervous for any artsy challenges, though seeing the pair performing traditional Ukrainian dancing in the Prairies, or a good ol’ fashioned Newfoundland jig would be gold!

Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor – “The Rockers”

These Blue Rodeo rockers have been known to have a tumultuous musical relationship over their three-decade career, which always makes for good “Race” watching. And they can always cheer each other on during Detours and Roadblocks by singing their classic hit, “Try.”

“Oh baby, you got to try, trrrrrrrrry, trrrrrrry!”

Eugene Levy and Dan Levy – “Father and Son”

Every season of the “Race” needs a father-and-son duo, and what better team than the hilarious Levy fellas and their ubiquitous (matching!) eyebrows.

Bonus team: Sheri Block and Lindsay Zier-Vogel – “The Writers”

Chances are we won’t be eligible to apply (because we work at Bell Media), but after years of criss-crossing the country covering “Canadian Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” and the Juno Awards, we’d definitely give the celebrity teams a run for their money. And should we need to, we could interview ourselves once we get eliminated (or win!).



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