Kristen Idiens and Darren Trapp


Kristen Idiens and Darren Trapp

Kristen Idiens
Age: 32 (Feb. 21, 1981)
Nickname: K
Occupation: Outdoor Adventure Guide
Hometown: Fairmont Hot Springs, BC
Place of Birth: Toronto, ON
Couldn’t live without: Nature
Good luck charm: Pine cone
Strengths: Identifying plants, making people smile, teaching, handling reptiles, basketball
Fears/Phobias: Heights, cliffs, eating strange animals
Favourite travel destination: Any place off the beaten path
Darren Trapp
Age: 26 (April 20, 1987)
Nickname: D-Ron
Occupation: White-Water Raft Guide, Lifeguard
Hometown: Fairmont Hot Springs, BC
Place of Birth: Bassano, AB
Couldn’t live without: Chocolate hazelnut spread
Strengths: Rafting, guiding, playing guitar, running, driving, navigating
Fears/Phobias: Spiders, eating living things, swimming in deep water when I can’t see what’s beneath me (even though I’m a lifeguard!)
Favourite travel destination: A road trip anywhere there are roads
Friends describe this adventurous duo as equally dorky and very cute, super supportive, and always challenging each other to reach new levels. They share a passion for positive thinking and a love of all living things, but they also know how to compete. These world travellers also share an affinity for sustainable living.
As avid outdoor enthusiasts, Kristen and Darren keep in top physical condition, complemented by their well rounded and worldly intelligence. Kristen knew they’d be a real threat on THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, as she explains that “Every obstacle, every experience good and bad, have helped us learn new lessons.” “Darren is pretty detail oriented,” says Kristen, while he describes her as “The most selfless person...she is up for anything. She is incredibly motivated and ACTUALLY can do anything she sets her mind to!”
Kristen was an MVP basketball player in her scholastic years and can make her own clothes, while Darren is extremely resourceful on little to no money.
Motto: “We believe strongly in equity for all living creatures and creating our own realities through positive thinking and sharing love everywhere we go.”
How will they plan to win The Race: “Using our fitness level, logic, resourcefulness, and maintaining a positive attitude towards each challenge.”
Number one roadblock as team: “Remembering to use our differences to our advantage instead of getting frustrated with each other.”

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