Jet Black and Dave Schram

Best Friends

Jet Black and Dave Schram

Jet Black
Age: 32 (April 2, 1981)
Nickname: Blackie
Occupation: Police Officer
Hometown: London, ON
Place of Birth: Toronto, ON
Couldn’t live without: Protein shaker
Good luck charm: “My comb, ‘Mr. Good Part II’ (Mr. Good Part I was tragically lost)”
Strengths: Sports, anything physical, police training, people skills
Fears/Phobias: Fear of falling, heights, insects, rodents, reptiles
Favourite travel destination: “Anytime I get invited to someone’s cottage, it’s a good day.”

Dave Schram
Age: 28 (June 3, 1984)
Nickname: Schramer
Occupation: Marketing
Hometown: London, ON
Place of Birth: London, ON
Couldn’t live without: Ice cream, skinny jeans, and sports
Favourite Saying: “Diamonds are made under pressure”
Strengths: Cheerleading, physical challenges, amiable
Fears/Phobias: “Ironically, even though I fly a lot, I hate it.”
Favourite travel destination: Brazil, or my cottage in Grand Bend, ON


“We have strengths that compliment each other’s weaknesses,” Dave says. “Where he often struggles, I frequently excel,” adds Jet.

Friends urged Jet and Dave to apply for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA; they are the life of the party, no matter where they go. They met in high school when Jet started dating one of Dave’s friends, and when Jet and the girl parted, the two remained friends. Since then the inseparable pair have travelled the world together and have been through thick and thin as best buddies.

Physically they are a lethal combination; Jet is a two-time Men’s National Physique Champion, while Dave is a National Champion in Cheerleading. They also never miss an opportunity to joke around and know that they can be perceived as goofy – which they plan to use to their advantage. “In addition to our charm and good looks, we’re both actually quite intelligent,” says Jet. “We are as smart, if not smarter than the dolphin,” adds Dave.

Of The Race the two agree, “We are excited to get to explore our great country that most Canadians never get the chance to see.”

Motto: “We’re like icebergs...10% above water, 90% below!”

How will they plan to win the Race: “Be ourselves and a strategic manner.”

Number one roadblock as team: “Getting along when things don’t go our way, we’re both control freaks.”

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