Episode 3 Recap: Hoodoos and Hoodonts

By Sheri Block


After cowboys Jamie and Pierre were eliminated in Vancouver and rode into the sunset on the previous leg of “The Amazing Race Canada,” the seven remaining teams headed to Calgary where they struggled to stay “in line” during a difficult Roadblock.
Spoilers Ahead!
After winning the last leg of the “Race,” married doctors Holly and Brett were the first to depart and found out they would next be heading to Calgary, AB.
“We’re not a physical team,” said Brett. “Strategy is the only thing we have going for us.”
Married fitness icons Hal and Joanne departed next, followed by brothers Jody and Cory and dating couple Kristen and Darren, who knew they had to give up their second Express Pass sometime during the leg.

After forming an early alliance with a few of the other teams, the couple had agreed to give the pass to the team who came in second in that group (Holly and Brett), but Kristen and Darren were having second thoughts. 
“We want to stay true to our word,” said Darren. 
“But there’s something in our gut that tells us we shouldn’t trust them,” added Kristen.
Sisters Vanessa and Celina, and father and son Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. were off to the airport next, followed by best friends Jet and Dave, who were the last to depart. 
At the airport, Holly and Brett hid all of the Alberta maps in one of the stores to prevent other teams from buying them.
Vanessa and Celina booked an 8 a.m. flight but managed to get on the earlier flight at 7 a.m., along with Holly and Brett, Kristen and Darren and Hal and Joanne. 
On the flight, Kristen and Darren decided to give their Express Pass to Vanessa and Celina, unbeknownst to the other teams. 
After the teams arrived in Calgary, they had to locate “Outlaw” – a statue of the legendary Calgary rodeo bull – to find their next clue. 
Hal and Joanne got there first and then headed to Ranchman’s Cookhouse and the site of the next Roadblock called, “Get In Line,” which required one team member to learn a traditional country western line dance. 

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Falling out of line in “Cowtown”
Even though the married fitness icons had done line dancing on a “Bodybreak” segment years earlier, Joanne struggled with the complicated dance. 
Jody, who has two prosthetic legs, also struggled, as did Holly, who called herself a “terrible dancer.” 
On the sidelines, tension grew thick as Kristen told Brett they had given the Express Pass to the sisters instead. He replied by saying he and Holly’s word means something and they would’ve given it to them if the situation had been reversed. 
Darren, Jody, Holly, Vanessa and Tim Sr. continued to have problems picking up the routine as Jet and Dave arrived, surprised to see all of the teams still there. 
Joanne was the first to finish the challenge and she and Hal headed to the Hoodoos, outside of Drumheller, and had to choose between two Detours – “Lump by Lump,” which required teams to shovel a load of coal into a two-tonne cart, or “Bone by Bone” where teams had to look at a life-size replica of a dinosaur at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and then assemble a model of it from memory.
The married fitness icons attempted “Lump by Lump” as Joanne commented, “This is a great workout. Upper body, lower body, no wonder the coal miners are fit.” 
Meanwhile, Dave, a two-time national cheerleading champion, completed the line dancing without difficulty, which allowed the best friends to jump ahead of the other teams still at the challenge. 
As Holly still struggled she said, “One Roadblock can change everything. First to last – easily.” 
Though she wished it had been a hip-hop routine, Vanessa completed the Roadblock without a hitch and as she and Celina drove to Drumheller, they realized they might be going the wrong way. 
Way ahead of the other teams, Hal and Joanne finished their coal-piling Detour and began driving to Horsethief Canyon – the site of the next Pit Stop. 
Kristen and Darren loaded up their coal but were told their cart was not ready for hauling, not realizing they hadn’t hung the key tags on the side of the car.
Back at Ranchman’s, Jody finally completed the line dancing routine correctly, as Tim Sr. attempted the challenge for the ninth time and was successful.  
Holly and Brett arrived at the museum for the “Bone by Bone” Detour, figuring their anatomy backgrounds would help them assemble the model dinosaur. 

Read more about the dinosaur capital of Canada at TheLoop.ca
A long day at the coal mines
Jet and Dave chose the coal Detour and even though they loaded up their car, they couldn’t figure out why they were told they hadn’t completed the challenge correctly. The pair eventually finally figured out they hadn’t hung their key tags on the side of the cart and once they did, received their next clue. 
Vanessa and Celina had difficulty loading the coal into the cart and chose instead to load it piece by piece by hand as they contemplated using the Express Pass. 
Hal and Joanne were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop, and received two tickets to anywhere Air Canada flies in the United States. Kristen and Darren arrived in second place. 
At the museum, Holly became flustered with assembling the dinosaur and had to go out and take another look at the life-size model. Brett tried to reassure her by saying they needed to stay focused. 
Vanessa and Celina finally completed the coal challenge, as Jody and Cory worked away beside them and Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. arrived at the Detour. 
Jet and Dave arrived at the Pit Stop in third place as Vanessa and Celina got lost looking for Horsethief Canyon.
The sisters eventually found their way and narrowly beat Jody and Cory to the mat in a foot race. 
Holly and Brett, meanwhile, learned they did not put the dinosaur together correctly but got it right on the second try. 
As they headed to the Pit Stop, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr., who just completed the coal Detour, had to ask for directions on the way and realized they were going in the opposite direction.
“That’s why we’ve lost,” commented Tim Jr. “Stupid crap like that.”
Holly and Brett arrived at the Pit Stop in sixth place, and Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. arrived last. But host Jon Montgomery informed them it was a non-elimination leg and they were still in the “Race.” 
“We are here to win,” said Tim Sr. “I appreciate that everybody else thinks we’re on the back burner and they don’t have to think about us and I hope they keep (thinking that) so when we fly past them they’ll wonder what in the world happened.” 

Order of Finish:

1. Hal and Joanne
2. Kristen and Darren
3. Jet and Dave
4. Vanessa and Celina
5. Jody and Cory
6. Holly and Brett
7. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. 

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