Episode 2 Recap: Se Hou Leng

By Sheri Block


With twins Treena and Tennille eliminated after the first leg of “The Amazing Race Canada” in Kelowna, B.C., the eight remaining teams headed to Vancouver where they faced a difficult Detour that had some of them ready to throw in the towel. 
Spoilers Ahead!
After winning the last leg of the “Race,” dating couple Kristen and Darren were the first to depart at 5 a.m. and were instructed to fly to their next destination, Vancouver, B.C.
“Being in first place feels pretty awesome but at the same time pretty scary,” said Darren. “We’ve shown what we can do and now people probably won’t feel too bad shuffling us to the back if they get the opportunity.” 
The couple got on the first flight to Vancouver at 7 a.m., along with married doctors Holly and Brett, best friends Jet and Dave and married fitness icons Hal and Joanne, who got on at the last minute after being first on the standby list.
Sisters Vanessa and Celina, father and son Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. and brothers Jody and Cory took the second flight at 8:20 a.m., but cowboys Jamie and Pierre, who were the last to depart and stopped to go to a bank machine on the way to the airport, missed the flight and had to take a third flight at 10:55 a.m. 
After the earliest flight landed in Vancouver, Holly and Brett were the first team to get to the clue at the Maple Leaf Lounge, instructing them to head to the Richmond Olympic Oval via the Canada Line train. They were followed by Jet and Dave and Kristen and Darren.
While the married doctors and best friends stayed on the train, Kristen and Darren got off one stop early, thinking they could beat the other teams in a foot sprint to the Oval. 
Skating on Thin Ice
Holly and Brett were the first to get to the Oval where they encountered a Roadblock called “Speedskate Richmond Oval,” which required one team member to dress in regulation speedskates and a spandex uniform and complete two laps around the oval in under one minute, thirty seconds.
Kristen and Darren got lost, and realized getting off the train early was the wrong move. Commenting on how their hometown of Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C., had a population of about 300 people, Kristen said, “We’re used to deer crossings, not human crossings.”
Having never been on skates before, Brett fell several times during the challenge but did complete the task as the second flight arrived in Vancouver. 

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Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. got to the train first, and as the doors closed before Vanessa and Celina could get on, the father and son waved from the window as Tim Sr. said, “Rock on my son, rock on.”
Jet was next to skate, while Holly and Brett made their way to the Millennium Gate in Vancouver to find their next clue.
Jet and Dave struggled to find a cab on the street and when Holly and Brett drove by, the doctors told their driver not to call a taxi for the competing team. 
“When push came to shove we definitely got pushed and shoved,” said Dave.
Back at the Oval, Hal completed the speedskating challenge with little difficulty, followed by Kristen. When she told Darren not to walk so fast as she couldn’t keep up, he told her she should “chill out.” Kristen replied with, “If you’re stressed, I don’t just go ‘chill out.’ Talk to me. Help me stay positive and don’t shove it down my face,” she said.

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A ‘Drawn’ out Detour
Holly and Brett arrived first to the Detour, where teams had to choose between “Draw It” and “Dance It.” In “Draw It” teams had to drink a cup of tea, remember a Chinese symbol at the bottom of the cup and draw it from memory on a piece of rice paper. In “Dance It,” teams had to  translate a list of items in Mandarin needed for a traditional lion dance, locate them in local shops and perform the dance.
As the team chose “Draw It,” Tim Jr. completed the speedskating challenge, followed by Cory.  When the sisters arrived, Celina made a remark about how she and her sister will be gone from the “Race” and Vanessa, who completed the challenge, said she couldn’t “handle her negativity.” 
While Kristen and Darren got lost in a cab looking for Millennium Gate, Brett and Holly were the first to complete “Draw It.” “Doctors’ handwriting is not a pretty thing but we have good (memories),” said Holly. 
The team then headed by taxi to DP World – a marine terminal at the city’s inner harbour where they had to climb to the top of a 250 ft. crane and scan with binoculars for the site of the next Pit Stop. 
Jamie and Pierre finally got to the Oval and said they’re not giving up. “You don’t jump off the bull halfway through the ride,” said Pierre. “Cowboys don’t quit,” added Jamie, who completed the challenge. 
Back at the Detour, Jet and Dave walked around Chinatown for hours looking for a place to get their supplies, while Hal and Joanne completed “Draw It.” 
Kristen and Darren gathered their supplies for “Dance It,” as Vanessa and Celina tried “Draw It,” only to have their drawings torn up by the facilitator, forcing them to go back and look at the symbols again. 
Searching for the Pit Stop 
Holly and Brett located the site of the Pit Stop – the living roof on top of the Vancouver Convention Centre – while Kristen and Darren, now in fourth, completed the lion dance challenge, and Vanessa and Celine in fifth, successfully completed the drawing challenge.  
Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. struggled to find their supplies for “Dance It” and decided to switch to “Draw It.” 
Feeling discouraged with the dancing challenge, Dave commented, “Let’s just go back to the airport and fly home,” before they decided to switch Detours. 
Jamie and Pierre also struggled with the drawing challenge and wondered where they stood in the “Race,” considering they hadn’t seen any other teams yet. 
Hal and Joanne located the site of the Pit Stop with little trouble but after seeing Jody and Cory, who were on the second flight, arrive at DP World, they wondered if they were really far behind. 
Jody, who used binoculars every day as a sniper, breezed through the challenge. 
Kristen and Darren got lost looking for DP World after their taxi driver dropped them off at the wrong place, while Holly and Brett arrived first at the Pit Stop and won two round trip tickets to anywhere in Asia.
Back at the drawing challenge, Jamie and Pierre got their symbols torn up and decided to switch to the “Dance It” Detour. 
Jet and Dave, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. and Jamie and Pierre completed their Detours, while Kristen and Darren and Vanessa and Celina headed to the Pit Stop. 
Hal and Joanne checked into the Pit Stop in second place, followed by Jody and Cory, Kristen and Darren, Vanessa and Celina, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. and Jet and Dave.
Jamie and Pierre were the last team to arrive and were eliminated. When host Jon Montgomery made a comment about how they never gave up, Jamie replied: “It’s the cowboy way. You never give up. You just get ‘er done until the game is over, until the rodeo’s done and we walk away.”
The two friends added they are proud of one another and that running the “Race” has deepened their friendship. 
Order of Finish:
1. Holly and Brett
2. Hal and Joanne
3. Jody and Cory
4. Kristen and Darren 
5. Vanessa and Celina 
6. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. 
7. Jet and Dave
8. Jamie and Pierre (eliminated)

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